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’tis the season to review the year

HollyROTY 2006

Greetings pop pickers! Yes, it’s that time of year again – where Geoff unleashes his dulcet tones upon your ears, mixed against sixty-eight tunes from the past twelve months, plus a few news & ents clips too.

The Review of the Year is here, except of course with an added twist this time – in that as I’ve split my time being two countries which don’t always exactly match when it comes to what stories are in the news and what tunes are on the radio … so I’ve been typically biased and kept a British bias to it. Interesting to do when I’m 4,000 miles away.

Anyway, it’s the usual routine – head over to this page here – and download the twelve tracks (one for each month of the year) either in generic MP3, or iTunes/iPod specific AAC format and give the whole thing a listen.

You can either just think “Yeah, that’s very nice Geoff”, and delete it and/or never listen to it again, or you can take part in the ‘votey thing’ which also happens here – you pick what your five fave songs from 2006 were, email them to me and I compile a chart out of all the responses that I get back in. They don’t have to be anything that I play – it can be any five songs you’ve liked from the last year.

HollySo that’s it. Review of the Year 2006 is here. And considering how hard it was to do being not-in-England for it, it’s very unlikely that I’ll do one next year – thus ending (for me) a Christmas tradition that goes back many years. I’ll just have to think of something else to do instead …

Merry Christmas.

23 responses to “’tis the season to review the year”

  1. Someone says:

    What’s the last track in December that you play out with?

  2. geofftech says:

    It’s from Doctor Who! Last years special (The Christmas Invasion) it was used at the end where Tennant is choosing his new outfit to wear at the end of the episode. It’s called “Song for Ten” (with David Tennant being the 10th doctor) as is by Murray Gold. I’m not sure who sings it though.

    Anyway, head on over to the DW website:

    And check out the advent calendar… clicking on number ‘4’ will play it for you!

    Also – DON’T get the new soundtrack that’s just come out, as it’s a different version sung by Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) instead, and is not as good!

  3. Paul Webb says:

    #2 – if you do click on number ‘4’ it says it is sung by Tim Philips (who he?). And what is the matter with Neil Hannon? Surly a friend of PSB is a friend you yours?

  4. tami says:

    Thanks! Since I have my new iPod i downloaded the entire year. Good for when I drive 45 miles each way to work!

  5. geofftech says:

    #3 –

    This on Tim Phillips, Paul. (Wikipedia is your friend!)

    Hannon’s ok, but the Phillips version is just clearly superior.

    I should add that the rest of the DW soundtrack has got some corking tracks on it, and would make an excellent stocking filler.

    #4 – Good to know you’ve got it Tami!! excellent. would love to know what you think of the UK only choons which you would have never of heard here otherwise.

  6. One of my top 5 songs for the year was just an obscure myspace demo, so for the fear of being declared deliberately obscurist by the Geoff, I shall keep the list to singles. And here they are. In reverse order (not half)

    5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Hearts
    4. The Long Blondes – Once and Never Again
    3. Little Man Tate – What? What you got
    2. Neil Diamond – Delirious Love
    1. Texas Lightning – No, No, Never

    I shall be expanding on the reasons for my choices on my blog at some point soon. I bet you can’t wait.

  7. Another Ian (The new voice of reason?) says:

    You’ve become the ‘benign dictator’ ! Can I claim your old title?

    Love the review Geoff…

  8. Thomas says:

    I need to point out that “I think we’re alone now” was originally done by Tommy James & The Shondells and NOT Tiffany! When she did it back in 1988 it was a cover version then too!

  9. stroppycow says:

    Ian, the Long Blondes? In the top 5? Seriously? I guess now you can’t mock Geoff’s taste for being too throwaway poppish. 😀

    Geoff you could always do an American version of the review next year.

  10. You may, Ian 2. I was becoming disillusioned with the epithet ever since I was mistaken for a U2 fan because of it… Perhaps “The New Voice of Reason” would avoid any confusion though.

  11. Seriously, Ms Cow. I have this year diligently maintained a text file with jottings of the songs of the year, and those are my choices. Besides, my antipathy is reserved not for throwaway pop (and I’m not sure that the Long Blondes are the leading exponents in my list of that genre anyway), but for whining and bleating of the coldplaykeaneblunt nature.

  12. stroppycow says:

    True, there are other throwaway poppish songs on the list but at least by pointing to the Long Blonds I can’t be accuse of letting my own taste influence my commenting. I don’t dislike the song, I just feel that if it is in the top 5 this year then it confirms my impression that there wasn’t really much worth buying this year.

    And I was under the impression that Geoff got much ribbing for his liking of the likes of girls aloud 😉 but then again maybe it wasn’t from you.

  13. geofftech says:

    talking of which, one of them just became single again – dammit!

    (And Ian – Did you realise how there was only ONE coldkeaneblunt track on this years roundup?)

  14. Rudi says:

    Geoff: I dropped my top-5 in your email.

    Nice job with the tracks, by the way!

  15. Another Ian (TNVOR) says:

    Well i’m very excited about my new title, but am still intruiged by the change of yours Ian.

    Have also just emailed my Top 5 to you Geoff! No Girls Allowed I’m afraid…

  16. geofftech says:

    thanx Rudi… and Ian… and everyone else so far! Keep emailing yer votes into me please!!

  17. The new title stemmed from this post last year. I was reminded of it, and I thought it deserved a wider audience.

  18. jj says:

    well, i haven’t finished listening to the year in review yet, but i figured i could post my top five songs of the year before i got all the way through:

    5. “Irreplaceable,” Beyonce
    4. “Bones,” The Killers
    3. “U + Ur Hand,” P!nk
    2. “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” Trace Adkins (horrible, awful, terrible song. brain-rotting, even. but it’s insanely catchy and dumb.)
    1. “White and Nerdy,” Weird Al Yankovic (absolutely brilliant, best song of the year easy)

    and i have to give U2 & Green Day’s cover of The Skids’ “The Saints Are Coming” an honorable mention…

  19. Another Ian (TNVOR) says:

    i’ve only just caught onto this website … missed it all last year. do you do this every year Geoff?

  20. geofftech says:

    aye… every year since, er. well since i started doing it. quite a while now.

    can’t see myself doing it next year though.

    *unless* i do the whole thing with a southern drawl, now that would be funny. (wouldn’t it?)

  21. Geofftech says:

    geez! i just TOOK DOWN the files from last years review because no one had downloaded them for so long! they’ve been say there all year, untouched – and the minute I take them down, you want to download them! tsk…

    i suppose i could put them back up…

  22. (William) Andrew says:

    Talking of last year … would it be possible to re-post last year’s review? The links don’t seem to work …

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