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’tis the season to be chilly (not)

TemperatureHollyHow warm is it where you are right now? Seriously – I’d like to know.

It’s December 14th, eleven days to go until Christmas and I’ve just been out at 8pm in the evening, and it’s 20 degrees centigrade here – that’s 68F.

You what?

This cannot be December. But yet it is, and it’s screwing with my ‘feeling jolly’ mindset of the festive period.

How can it feel like Christmas when it feels like summer? How can it be Christmas when there’s not going to be ice on the windscreen in the morning? How can it be Christmas when you step outside with your coat on, and then have to take it off because you feel too warm with it on?

And what happened to the people who told me that there are only four seasons in Charleston: ‘Summer’, ‘Summer’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Christmas’. Hello … ? Because it’s still friggin’ too warm!

HollySo a spot poll please – especially for anyone in exotic locations (and obviously the southern hemisphere!) around the world – How cold or warm is your December right now?

[And anyone that points out that I’m a stereotypical Englishman who likes to bitch about the weather no matter what will be duly ignored.]

40 responses to “’tis the season to be chilly (not)”

  1. geofftech says:

    I’ll start:

    Geoff. Charleston, SC. 20c/68F. Too warm to be Christmas!

  2. Shaz says:

    Shaz – Wellington New Zealand : 19 degrees C [66F], too cold for Christmas!

    Should be mid 20’s at least … but it’s not raining so that’s a bonus.

  3. Damengineer says:

    Perth, Western Australia : 32 degrees [89F] today! 36 [96] tomorrow and then:

    Sunday – Fine, humid. Min 20 Max 33
    Monday – Fine. Humid. Min 20 Max 31
    Tuesday -Fine. Humid. Min 19 Max 29
    Wednesday – Fine. Min 17 Max 27
    Thursday – Fine. Min 15 Max 27

    Nice, not too hot. Christmas Day should be in the high 20’s-low 30’s. To the beach!

  4. Malcolm says:

    It was 50F here today in Boston, MA – that’s about 10 of your paltry centigrade thingies. But it’s set to get a lot colder over the next couple of weeks. Snow for Christmas day? Hope so!

  5. leslie says:

    Location: Austin, Texas, USA

    77 degrees today. High of 83 on Saturday….

    ‘Winter’ here just means that it’s not skin-searingly hot, and it’s rainier, and the temperature can vary from freezing up to the 80s…

    I miss the snow from when I lived in Prague.

  6. Bob H says:

    A delightful 9C/48F with a grey blue sky.

    I don’t know what happened to the heating but its not very warm in my lounge at the moment. But perhaps it will encourage me to go to work on time …

    I like my cold winters, although it does seem that the seasons have shifted, I am sure Dec used to be colder than Feb?

  7. David - Lightwater says:

    11C/50Fin Lightwater, Surrey, UK.

    Well that is at the nearest BBC weather station in Farnborough. No the Metoffice is not in Bracknell anymore. They moved out to Exeter, I think because Bracknell is worst than Eastenders for general chav-ness!

  8. Bumble says:

    9C in Hull, England. It’s horrible and grey. Proper Christmas weather lol

    I don’t do Fahrenheit, what with not being old and all …

    [Geofftech adds: “What with not being old and all …” – Or American!]

  9. The forecast maximum temperature today in Horley, Surrey, UK, is 12C. It’s grey and threatening drizzle.

    Both yesterday and today it was extremely mild, so I cycled to work wearing a T-shirt and lightweight jacket (no jumper/fleece). It’s a flat leisurely 2 mile ride, but yesterday I was still sweating when I arrived!

    ‘Tis supposed to cool down towards the end of next week though.

  10. jori says:

    75/24 in Cape Town (SA) today -wooooh!! we like christmas HOT, none of that nancy cold nonsense.

  11. Brent says:

    Too close to Geoff to be different….supposed to be 71F/21C today in Columbia, SC.

    Never fear though, I go north for actual Christmas time (to my parents’ house in Ohio) … likely to snow and be around 20F/-6C…now THAT’S Christmas weather 🙂 Weeeee!

  12. Garion Allen says:

    Garion, Cardiff, a very cold 8C !

    Too cold for my liking!

    Oh by the way, yes you are a stereotypical Englishman Geoff !

  13. Paul says:

    Lefkas, Greece, 2:30AM, 9C (I think that’s about 50 in old money), hitting about 18C (65) in the day. Very cold.

  14. jj says:

    you never asked me WHEN it was Christmas. usually late January, early to mid February. for a day or so.

    then it goes back to summer.

  15. Santa Claus says:

    Santa here in my Christmas factory in Lapland. I’ve just sent one of the elves out, and he’s come back with an icicle dangling from his nose, and a thermometer that reads -6 degress C. That cold enough for ya?

  16. geofftech says:

    JJ – I expect a present from you (or maybe two) on that day then come January or February.

    Santa – I’ve been really good this year, so please bring me that new 80Gb iPod I want, ok?

  17. Chris says:

    santa… have also been good, can i have a new macbook please? a black one. ta.

    (oh, and 8C here tomorrow Geoff)

  18. sam says:

    Here in Boulder, Colorado its apparently 57F/14 degrees. what’s weird though is that there is snow on the ground yet i can quite happily walk around in just a t shirt.

  19. Leanne says:

    Auckland, New Zealand Just watched the news and it was 22C today, with a miserable 19C tomorrow, still it could be worse, we could be living in Wellington (18C, and a miserable 16C tomorrow – sorry Shaz).

  20. Convict says:

    Convict, Brisneyland (that’s Brisbane for the uneducated), Australia.

    Last week it was in the mid to high 30’s, but this weekend it’s cooled down to the high end of the 20’s, and that’s what we’re expecting all week.

    But we’ve got our afternoon thunderstorms back! HELL YEAH.

    Just in case you cared …The typical summer weather is for a 30+ degree day, that is completely fine until about 4pm when the sky snaps black and we have a 3 hour electrical storm which then brings the temperature down for the night and we do that EVERY SINGLE DAY. But for the last 8 years or so, it just hasn’t been happening. But now they’re back.

  21. Mark says:

    We’ve been having low 40s, low 20’s and everything in between in Melbourne, Australia.

    Having lived here for nearly 11 years, I just can’t get into the Christmas mood because it’s not cold, there is no will there won’t there be a white Christmas.

    I need to visit home in England for Christmas to feel Christmassy.

  22. Cellmate says:

    Convict – sounds like you’re having a better time there than we are here serving at Her Maj’s pleasure. 10C in London today!

  23. geofftech says:

    So let me just get this right. It’s warmer here in the northern hemisphere than it is in NZ in the southern? Excellent!

    Mark… glad you’re with me on this one! it’s hard to be christmassy when it’s warm. you need it to be chilly.

  24. geofftech says:

    Saturday today now .. seriously, it’s TWENTY THREE degrees (C) here. i just had to take my coat off, and put my sunglasses ON. bizarre Christmas shopping experience.

  25. Lauren says:


    66 F | 42 F
    19 C | 6 C

    But it’s warming back up. This past week it was more in the 50s. Being a Charleston Native: it’s too cold too early for me here.

  26. Convict says:

    Geoff, it’s time you experienced a TRUE Christmas. None of that traditional snow and turkey rubbish.

    Here it’s all about seafood, salads, beer and barbeques on the beach.

    Sitting on a picnic rug, down by the beach, ripping the heads off the prawns, stuffing them in your mouth so that you can have more than everyone else, washing it all down with a beer, whilst the kids play with their Christmas presents either on the beach, or the park just over the dunes.

    Now that to me is Christmas …

  27. Santa Claus says:

    As long as you’ve been a good boy this year Convict… although, hang on, with a name like ‘Convict’ I doubt that you have been, have you?

  28. TowerBlockTina says:

    Winter has finally come to Surrey, (just south of London.)

    After weeks of unusually warm weather, we had frost this morning, and it’s time to get the woolly hat out I think. The forecast this week is 7C tomorrow morning, going down to -1 C on Friday.

    Ugh! Geoff, you are going to get a shock when you come over, get those thermals out. I’m amazed how everyone the world over has reported their weather to you, so it’s not just us Brits who do it.

  29. Jon Allen says:

    Seoul, South Korea. 0C, 32F and snowing!

    Well it snowed yesterday, but it’s melting now. Pictures on my blog if you’re missing a snowy scene.

  30. geofftech says:

    And it’s set to be a record-breaking 78F (25C) today in Charleston, just a week before Christmas. Now that’s just silly!

  31. viplette says:

    I was deeply disturbed by sounds of “Frosty the Snowman” and other carols in the 38 degree heat of Bangkok.

    Thankfully I am back to chilly frosty London, 3 degrees C in W12 tomorrow.

  32. tami says:

    In New Orleans it is in the 70’s (F) , foggy, muggy, high humidity (one’s hair is frizzy). However, last week we had 20’s in the morning for 2 days!!

  33. geofftech says:

    Actually, whilst all this C->F and F->C chat is going on, I discovered this totally cool (Windows only) conversion program that does EVERYTHING you can think of:

    Temperature, Mass, Area, Distance, Volume, Speed, Time … everything! You name it, you can convert it. Download here. [550Kb big]


  34. Google also does conversions: just enter <value> <units> in <units> and Google Calculator does the rest.

    For example:
    25 celsius in fahrenheit
    27C in F

    1 US pint in ml
    1 US pint in imperial pint
    half a cup in teaspoons
    50km/h in mph

    30 miles per gallon in km/l
    50 psi in pascals
    30kWh in BTU
    1kWh in Joules

    It’s clever and can understand lots of complicated units.
    It’ll also do currency conversions, eg

    3.5 USD in GBP (although it might not use the latest exchange rate)

    Google is your friend!


  35. scottb says:

    In Calgary, Canada it’s -1C but will go down to -10C tonight. That’s pretty decent for here, it could by much colder, or much warmer.

    Brown Christmas as usual though.

  36. Philippa says:

    7 Celsius /44 Fahrenheit for me today.. flippin’ freezing, especially as I accidentally left all my coats at uni …

    [Geofftech: I think Philippa is in Birmingham, in the UK]

  37. TowerBlockTina says:

    Philippa: All your coats? Do you wear them all at the same time? How come you can afford more than one if you are a poor student!

    Improvise with a bin-bag. I once went to an outdoor pop concert once, and wore a carrier bag on my head when it began to rain. (Neatly rolled down into a stylish hat of course)

  38. Tone says:

    Auckland, NZ.

    19 deg C (66 F), with high of 21 today. Raining.

    Missing the cold, mulled wine and cosy fireplaces of pubs in Richmond, Surrey.

    Geoff: use google to convert your units, in the google search field try:
    convert 19C to f
    convert 10 inches to cm


    works for me. T

  39. Santa Claus says:

    to all you cold people…. will bring you nice warm fuzzy coats in just a weeks time for Christmas – hang on in their!

  40. That’s more like it: “Grey and cold with lingering fog” as the BBC so succinctly puts it.

    +4C/-1C today in Horley (Gatwick Airport), Surrey, UK.

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