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’tis the season for top five lists

HollyFive Christmas Presents

1979: The lego train set. My goodness was I excited at this! It had a PP9 battery powered ‘engine’ and I spent all day, all week, all month and beyond in fact playing at trains. And when I got bored of it being a two-rail train track, I built a mono-rail system instead (thus doubling the length). Marvellous.

1980: It was ‘The Bike’ A blue Grifter (not a chopper!) I seem to recall which served me faithfully for many years until I became a grown up teenager and got a racing style bike instead. ‘The Bike’ is still the ‘big’ present which every kid gets at somepoint, right?

1983: Transformer toys. Except a year later I’d already grown out of them, and felt bad that I’d nagged my parents for months to get me the ones that I wanted, only to then not play with them anymore.

1985: A Meccano Set. Opened presents at 08.00 on Christmas morning, by 11.00 I was already bored and frustrated with them. I think that may have been the year that Christmas lost its childhood magic for me, and the slow decent towards the FOTCR1 started …

1999: A Black & Decker workmate. This was when I realised that my hair too would turn grey one day. Still, better than M&S socks and pants, right?

Five Christmas Pasts

1978: Was when I was six and half, and realised maybe that Santa Claus Father Christmas wasn’t real. How old is too old for a kid to believe? And what do you if you’ve got kids a few years apart – do you have to tell the older one not to spoil it for the younger one?

1982: It snowed for the first time at Christmas. My sister and I made a snowman in the back garden, and my mum made us hot chocolate with marshmellows in. I bloody loved that.

1988: Yeah, that was the Christmas that my dad decided to up and leave us. Cheers for that. Move along …

1994: The first year that I didn’t spend Christmas day or Boxing Day with any of my own family. I regret that now, because it didn’t have to be like that.

2002: I was single. Sat at home on Christmas Day evening, by myself, at home – a cold flat with no central heating. And I bloody loved it, because I could wallow in my own misery, and choose what TV channel *I* wanted to watch. I confess I had been out earlier in the day though, just in case you think I was being a complete scrooge, but I really liked having some alone time then.

Five Christmas Presents

2006: I am in the USA. I would have never have predicted that – even as recently as this time last year.

2006: The temperature outside yesterday got up to 22C. I’m still not getting used to that!

2006: God bless YouTube. I am able to generate my own ‘The Box’ or ‘MTV Hits’ of Christmas tune videos.

2006: I know exactly what I’m getting as a present tomorrow, ’cause I was the one who took delivery from the FedEx man yesterday when it arrived – heh!

Holly2006: The people I am with are being bloody lovely to me in making an effort to make me feel at home. And it’s appreciated.

Five Days …

… to go, and I’ll be back home again. Hang on in there.

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11 responses to “’tis the season for top five lists”

  1. Ciaran says:

    All I remember of my Christmas as a child was my mum and dad rowing about something or other. They were like Toma and Jerry and Christmas for some reason I couldn’t work out. Now I put it down to too much Guinness and Whiskey.

    Anyway, Christmas is shit. Its Official!

  2. Teg says:

    I got a Grifter for my birthday one year. Wish I still had it, was one of the best gifts of all time.

  3. It’s white and overcast over here, not white and snowy. You’re missing nothing, honest.

    Have a great Christmas, both of you.

  4. tami says:

    merry xmas to all- raining down here and i stayed in my pjs all day!!!!

  5. kateyay says:

    its officially not snowing here but there is quite a lot of christmas cheer. quite grey and bland and a bit dark, no precipitation as yet.

    had one thing though – are you sure it wasnt 1981 that was a white christmas?

  6. Mikey says:

    11.39am and I still haven’t opened my presents, cos nan isn’t here yet. All I asked for this year was Superman Returns and Hannibal Rising. Xmas is way better as a kid.

  7. TowerBlockTina says:

    Happy Christmas Geoff/Leigh from your mum, Mrs Vegetable and your Step-dad and all the little vegetables.
    Regarding the ‘Grifter’, it was delivered by couriere Xmas eve, and we didn’t notice it had only one pedal, cos it was all wrapped in paper. You were most annoyed you couldn’t ride it, cos we had to go out and buy a **oody pedal at the bike shop.(I think we took one off my bike temporary, but it did look odd). See you soon.

  8. geofftech says:

    Well, the sun has disappeared and it’s now somewhat cold and raining on Christmas morning in North Carolina. Aaah… rain. Reminds me of home. Only 3 days away.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

  9. What happened to Leigh’s American xmas tunes? merry xmas.

  10. StephenK says:

    It was 35 degrees here in Brisbane on Christmas. Hope you had a great Xmas Geoff.

  11. geofftech says:

    actually mum, i seem to recall that you took some pedals off the OLD crappy bike i had, and put them on my shiny new grifter. so i was able to cycle it up and down the road. i remember it well, and it served me well – ah, happy days!

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