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’tis the season to review the blog

HollyAnd the last red-coloured-festive post of the year. Actually, I’m not even going to blog for the next ten days, as anything that appears on this website will be courtesy of my fair lady: An Americans point of view in Eng-er-land. I’ll try and cajole her into doing at least a couple of posts. OK?

But in the spirit of the end of the year, looking back at the past twelves months ‘n’ all that, and as stolen from Zuzula, who stole it from Binsk, who stole it from two people that she mentions on her blog, and so on … here’s a fast and cheating, and yet fun kind of way to do a blog entry:

Take the first line from the first post of of your blog this year, and copy them out, thus:

Yes, I know I promised no more Pet Shop Boys song titles, but this one was just to good to resist.

Another day, another good deed, and another Netgear DG384 setup and put in place.

One food stuff that I did not have in my pancakes the other night was Bananas.

America. Land of freedom and opportunity … right? And now to me : new music.

Thursday’s regular feature (being posted admittedly somewhat belated on Saturday), comes under the catchy title of:

“Things that help make me think that I’m not actually 4,000 miles away from home”.

This is not for the faint hearted, or for those that have surfed here for a trivial piece of Geofftech nonsense if you only have two minutes to spare in your day. Yes, it’s one of those type of posts people.

For one of my birthdays many years ago, I got a “How to interperet your dreams” book as a present. I can’t remember who got it for me, I just thought it was quite exciting, because I thought that I really would be able to analyse my dreams.

It is the hottest it has ever been today.

Leigh had never heard of this the other day when I tried it on her, and I just wondered if it was a British thing, or just a Geoff thing.

This is another one of those things that I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

“So what do you think is so important about the six month marker then?”

Standby: Holiday season starts here.

So thanks to everyone who bothered to read the world of Geofftech over the past twelve months, especially if you commented, or emailed me, or even if you were a quiet lurker – I know you’re out there.

Have a happy new year.

7 responses to “’tis the season to review the blog”

  1. Chris says:

    Enjoy your English new year Geoff & Leigh

  2. tami says:

    Happy New Year to you both and have a safe journey…. I really depend on the “blog” for survival so please keep it up in 2007!

  3. Andrew Richens says:

    Happy “English” New Year, Geoff!

  4. Richard says:

    Geoff – hope you enjoy your trip home, and thanks for all the entertainment from your blog over the last year.

  5. jj says:

    so, Geoff, how’s the weather? i was out for a drive in the convertible yesterday…

  6. Johnny Alpha says:

    A Happy New Year from me, still on Honeymoon, but this time sitting in an Internet Cafe alongside Bondi Beach, just whiling away the afternoon until the big celebrations kick off toninght.
    Looking forward to scraping the ice off my car at Heathrow when we get back on the 2nd!

  7. Garion Allen says:

    Blwydden Newydd Dda Geoff! Hope you have a wicked 2007!

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