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Top of the Pops

Top SongsI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – making my life so much easier here every morning for the last eight months or so has been access to UK radio stations via the wonders of the internet and Sirius radio.

My primary brekky show of choice is the ‘Saviour’ of BBC Radio 1, one Mr. Chris Moyles – and yesterday he did something so outstandingly funny that it deserves a mention here, and a suggestion from me to try and get you on board too.

The rules concerning what music releases can chart as singles in the UK Top 40 changed as of the start of the year. Download sales used to count, as long as there was a physical CD release of the same single in the shops as well. But now a song can get into the official chart JUST on download sales from legal sites alone. i.e. a band can get a ‘release’ onto iTunes (or similar) and not have a CD out in the shops, and as long as people download it enough – it will chart.

Great, eh? And even better is this very funny thing … Chris Moyles on the breakfast show this week has chosen a REALLY TERRIBLE old record from eight years ago, by teen pop sensation (then) Billie Piper, with a track called “Honey to the Bee” (originally a No. 3 hit in the UK back in 1999), and is encouraging everyone to go and download it legally to get its sales up this week to see if they can get it into the charts.

And … is it working? Yes it is!

(1) I confess that I spent 79p on buying/downloading the track myself today, and (2) Checking on (UK) iTunes this evening, I note that it’s at No. 9 in the ‘pop’ genre, and No. 33 in the ‘overall’ of all songs bought.


So COME ON PEOPLE! (UK downloaders only – apologies readers elsewhere) can we rig the charts in a totally allowed fashion and make this cheesey 90’s pop record a hit all over again?

If you’ve got 79p to spare & if you’re signed up to a legal download service for your MP3 player -then I implore you to go buy/download it today, and do your bit. You’ve got until the weekend (Sunday) when the new chart for the week is announced.

27 responses to “Top of the Pops”

  1. jj says:

    if it’s a terrible song, why do i want to pay 79p to buy it?

  2. geofftech says:

    to be a little part of history JJ! rigging the charts in a totally legal fashion. cool, ou quoi?

    i’m assuming you can’t download it anyway – no UK credit card, right? so i’m MP3’ing it to you right now via email…

  3. Mark says:

    Fantastic… one hideous song suitably downloaded!

  4. Neil says:

    I won’t feel fully satisfied by this new downloading chart thingy until Pink Floyd reach number one.

  5. Observe that the denizens of Outpost Gallifrey (a premiere Doctor Who news and forum site at are trying to get everyone together to buy the song from The Runaway Bride (as sung by Neil Hannon) into the Top 40 using this method. As also pointed out by Moosifer Jones at

    I would find the actual link but has been barred by my corporate firewall. 🙁

  6. Tugs says:

    I will buy it tonight for a laugh (although I may get my missus to create an account for her to use to save me the embarrassment).

    I heard the same Chris Moyles show and didn’t think it would work. But it’s now no. 8 in Pop tunes and 29th overall, an improvement since your original post Geoff.

    The thing is, on the radio they also suggested Back in Black by AC/DC to see which track would chart the highest, only to find that original AC/DC tracks are not currently available on iTunes. I would have gone for that had it been available.

  7. geofftech says:

    Andrew, here:

    I don’t think Pink Floyd are available on iTunes yet (other downloading services are available) the same as AC/DC … tsk!

  8. Fimb says:

    *laughing* I will go buy it just for that reason!

  9. Fimb says:

    *listens to honey to the bee*

    So, um, was this before All Saints – Never Ever or after?!

  10. Coco J. says:

    I’m buying it just because Billie’s hot!

  11. Chris says:

    Chris Moyles is shit, and frankly, I’d have moved 5,000 miles myself just to get away from him.


    (it’s for this reason that I won’t take part in these downloading shenanigans)

    Incidentally, when EMI finally release the Beatles back-catalogue, it seems that there’ll be a top 10 of Beatles songs. Which would be nice, given that that X Factor bollocks (and all other chart music) is starting to get right on my metaphorical tits.

  12. I heard that too on Moyles – and I completely agree – it’s pure genius. I’m off to buy it right now!

  13. geofftech says:

    it DOES sound a lot like ‘never ever’, doesn’t it? but there again – so do a lot of bad pop songs from around that time.

    Chris Moyles (yes, him again) once did a marvellous parody of the Hear’Say hit “Pure and simple” which seamlessly merged into a rendition of ‘Never Ever’ as well, because the two are so staggerinhly similar. And then, they also mixed Oasis’s “All around the word” into it as well, i. Just to piss off the Gallaghers and ii. because it worked, and it was funny.

    Good to have a harsh opinion Mr.P! Filling in for Ian in his absence.

    I now know of people that /already/ had Billie Piper but downloaded it again anyway. :- “You have already downloaded this song, continue? (Y/N)” – y, y, y, y, y !! 🙂

  14. Paul Webb says:

    #5 & #8 – whilst you may not be able to download Pink Floyd you can download the theme tune to ‘Are You Being Served?’, which Floyd’s ‘Money’ blatently rips off.

  15. Mikey says:

    Billie Piper…oh dear..

  16. muppet says:

    Hi Geoff!

    I’m a mate of Fimb’s, and she made me buy it!

    Love the blog, incidentally.

  17. I’m not absent. I just assumed that everyone would correctly assume that I share Chris’s opinion of Moyles. Even if this is a moderately amusing piece of subversion / revenue generation for Virgin. Moyles must be getting his humourous moment in early this year.

    Wendy Page, who wrote Honey…, is a musical genius. Brilliant Shining is a great lost song.

  18. Trixie says:

    A strange choice of Billie song – there are 3 other way better singles. Despite having the album on my shelf I’ve bought the track. Anything to get Billie in the charts.

  19. geofftech says:

    17/01/07 – 10.30pm (my time). Bille now number 6 in the ‘pop’ chart, and number 9 in the overall iTunes chart – fantastic! It’s gonna get in the chart on sunday!!

  20. Chris says:

    Moyles is an absolute legend and what a fantastic way to rig the charts…legally! They could have chosen a funnier song such as the Chris Moyles humming song but Billie Piper will do.

  21. geofftech says:

    And it’s now at number SIX in the overall iTunes chart. It’s gonna do it .. keep buying it!!

  22. Anthony says:

    Geoff, I’m sorry. I cannot buy this awful song until you become a genuine radio DJ yourself. This is the reason you were put upon this Earth.

    I await the news with my cursor hovering over the “download” button.

  23. Anthony says:

    PS. It’s number 5 now.

  24. Fimb says:

    Woo hoo.. Number 17.

    I can’t believe I listened to the charts. I feel 14 again, but I couldn’t find a C90 anywhere 😉

  25. geofftech says:

    Shit! i forgot to tune in. Going to the Radio 1 webpage now… what did they say? did they make any comment about it?

    Ah the days of C90 cassette tapes!!

  26. Fimb says:

    Oh yes, they made comment.. after nearly every song (I started listening around 37 I think.. two chemical romance tracks back to back!!).. and gave a ran down of where the other presenters songs had got (apparently a few of them picked songs.. only one other made it even into top 200!). and they thanked everyone who had downloaded it! It was cool! Thanks for blogging it, and I actually rather enjoyed listening. The new rules have certainly changed the charts, and improved them if this week is anything to go by.

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