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Yes, I read your email

MPRMy friend here in Charleston – Mike – lost a password to get access to a system that he hadn’t tried to login to for over a year – and he ended up using MPR (Multi Password Recovery) to try and snoop his PC and get his password back. And of course, when something like this happens, people always end up telling you their anecdotes about the time when they found out someone else’s password and read their email. “Did I tell you about the time when … “ etc, and so hence – three true stories for you:

Mike – Used to date a girl a few years back with whom he split up with amicably. But for some reason – human curiosity, or perhaps a burning desire to know who she was now sleeping with, several months later he attempted to get into her Hotmail account by just guessing what her password might be from personal information that he knew about her … and he got in. He was then able to read all about the new man in her life, and exactly what she was getting up to with him!

Geoff – Many many years ago, a long term relationship that I was in went very sour and as the end became more and more apparent, I got more and more screwed up about it and very paranoid about a lot of things. Paranoid to the point where I downloaded and installed some keylogging software and installed it on my GF’s computer at home without her knowing.

Hotmail LoginThis enabled me to get her hotmail password, see exactly who she was emailing, what she was saying etc … which became most fun a few weeks later when after we’d split up, she denied sending certain emails that I knew she’d sent.

Actually, to this day – I don’t think she knows about this. So writing this on my blog here for all to see is a bit of a confession, and perhaps six years on she’ll eventually learn how I spied on her.

Leigh – And it’s not just blokes who do this. Leigh once told me about an old boyfriend of hers whom she was traveling around Europe with. They met another couple of girls at a train station one day that they both started chatting to. And in her mind, the BF was just a little too friendly towards them, but thought no more of it at the time.

Shortly after getting back from the trip a few weeks later Leigh & BF split, but a strange sixth sense made Leigh want to go and hack into his AOL email account. She was able to guess his password ‘Cornell’ (after the painter) and it turned out that he’d snuck off and met them during the trip, taken photos (which he was now emailing them) – all behind Leighs back! And was now heavily corresponding with one of them.

So … you know what I’m going to ask next. Who else has done the ‘dirty deed’ and and had a sneaky look at their current or ex’s email? Did you guess their password? Did you use subterfuge methods to find it out? And more importantly – did you discover some big secret, or huge nasty which you’re now prepared to share with us all here …

33 responses to “Yes, I read your email”

  1. michelle says:

    my boyfriend of a few years ago let me use his laptop one day to send an email, and the idiot had left a whole load of messages from another girl (CLAIRE! her name was, i still remember it!) just blantly sitting in his inbox with dubiuos subject lines. i couldn’t help but have a look, and soon realised that he was seeing both of us at the the same time!!!!! arsehole.

  2. Jono says:

    I know the password to the wife’s Yahoo email account, mostly so I can forward stuff to her when she’s at work — Yahoo is blocked by the office firewall. The only interesting emails she gets are from you, Geoff.

  3. Fimb says:

    ah, close friends are currently going through a very nasty breakup after one of them went out and left their email logged in and laptop open..
    But no.. not something I’ve ever done.. the last ex I had hardly knew how to turn a mobile on let alone a computer *l*

  4. geofftech says:

    #2 so if i send a saucy email to yet missus then you’ll get to read it first? excellent… must remember that…

  5. Lady X says:

    when i split with my boyfriend Chris, he never changed his hotmail password, because i tried it one day as joke – and got in! i used to check it once in a while for about two years before i felt guilty and told him…

  6. Anthony says:

    My email program automatically logs in, so Chelle can look at my email whenever she likes, which doesn’t bother me.

  7. Andrew says:

    A friend of mine split from his girlfriend of about 3 years after stumbling across email/messaging correspondence showing that she’d been getting rather too friendly with an online game partner and was planning to meet IRL…

  8. notmyrealname says:

    thanks Geoff- you’ve just made me even more paranoid than i was about something, and have just downloaded some spy software to install on my other half’s computer. i too, thinki she’s up to something

  9. Fimb says:

    notmyrealname – husband, is that you? *laughing*

  10. DivineMrsM says:

    So, compared to opening mail addressed to someone else, how does this rate…? 😉

  11. Mikey says:

    If you hold mail up to a bright light, you can often see through it…

  12. Chris says:

    I knew my ex’s password, but never bothered to check her e-mail.

    She changed it when we broke up, though. Which means she didn’t trust me enough to know that I’d never log in and read her e-mail.

    Even though that’s how I discovered that she’d changed it.

    But that’s not the point.

  13. Chris says:

    Incidentally, if anybody wants to log into my e-mail account, then they can go right ahead. The only mail I ever get is from people wanting money and spambots telling me I’ve got a small cock.

  14. notmyrealname says:

    i don’t think i’m your husband Fimb, no! LOL.

  15. geofftech says:

    the funniest thing about your password is this:

    try writing it down on a piece of paper where you can read it proprely. you type it often so often, but only see it as ‘*****’, that when you see it written out proplerly, it looks really strange – even though it’s extremely familiar to you.

    (PS – don’t forget to destroy, shred, or eat the piece of paper with your password on afterwards, otherwise your ex will find it and login to your account…)

  16. Terry says:

    Not a hotmail password, but when I borrowed my GF’s cash card one day to get some money out for her, she seemed very nervy about giving it to me, but then tried to pretend that she hadn’t been. If she hadn’t of done that it wouldn’t have made me suspect anything… but she was weird, so i decided to get a printed statement at the hole in the wall to see if their was anything amiss. There was indeed a withdrawal in a location/place where she simply shouldn’t have been a few days before! And it all went downhill from there…

  17. Lisa says:

    The Mister and I have been together since ’92 so I have not had as much opportunity to doubt a BF’s intentions. We have the same password as I set up his account. I periodically go in and cull his junk mail. I do the same for my mother-in-law who is 83. 🙂

  18. geofftech says:

    #13 – I forgot to say Chris, I am a the son of a dying Nigerian Sultan. Can I have $1,000,000 please?

    ps. You have a small cock.

  19. jj says:

    #15 – actually, my password looks like this: ‘***********’

    five-character passwords are SO last year.

    of course, trying to remember which of the eleven characters are caps and which are numbers can be a bit wearing for a simpleton like me.

  20. geofftech says:

    I’ve always wanted to make my password: ********

    i.e. the password actually IS made up of eight asterix characters. i wonder if systems would allow that?

    (Oh, and Billie Piper makes No. 17 in the UK charts:

  21. Johnny Alpha says:

    Blimey, what a devious lot! Like reading someone else’s diary, you’re opening a real Pandora’s box and can’t undo it once it’s done.

    A good idea for secure passwords is to use “leet speak”, so mother becomes /\/th3r etc.
    Damn, just given away my uber haxx0r skills!

  22. Johnny Alpha says:

    Erm, the web page ate some of the contents of the “leet speak” mother in the post above. Not sure how to “escape” characters on here, so

  23. geofftech says:

    J0hNnY ALphA:

    wH@ y0u n33d i2 73h l337 5p33K 7rAn5LA70R, AvaILa8l3 h3r3:

    ( |)0’n7 7.-`/ 7|-|12 @ |-|0|V|3 |<1|)2 (7|-|12 12 73|-| 4|)\/4n(3|) \/3.-510N )

  24. Johnny Alpha says:

    OMG, I could read the first line quite happily, but the last one is a little too obfuscated !

    … a visit to jayssite later … ah yes, you are teh ubar 11111 OMFG!!!! 😉

  25. stroppycow says:

    And you called me a big boobed paranoied fool for changing password everytime I’ve logged in somebody else’s machine to check email, using different passwords for each account and using a stock of passwords double the size of yours… guess the paranoia is justified ;-).

  26. andrew says:

    You mean Leigh doesn’t know your email password, Geoff? 😉

    The other half knows my password. Hell, she sometimes reads my email. If I changed it, there’d be hell to pay.

  27. I suspected an ex of lying to me and cheating, so looked at his text messages and totally caught him out. First and
    last time I’ve done it, but definitely no regrets considering the outcome!

  28. geofftech says:

    #26 – i’ve told leigh what my password(s) are before, but i don’t think she’s remembered them. we definetely know what each others PINs are though and often give each others bank card to each other to use when convenient

    #27 – discom… Eek! you have my sympathy, have so been there..

  29. Richard says:

    Paranoia rules amongst Geofftech readers…

  30. geofftech says:

    Paranoia! Are you saying I’m paranoid? Or someone else it? Who! Tell me! I demand to know! etc..

    (right, i’ll get my coat…)

    moving on…

  31. Lisa says:

    OK, I just recalled that a few years back a coworker was out sick for a week. Our manager went to change her outgoing message and noticed that she far exceeded her allocated space. I was given the task of culling out the old and the junk. In the process I discovered why she was always late getting back from lunch. She had several messages from a man kept asking her out by email and who stated how much he enjoyed her asnd that he wanted wanted her for lunch again.

  32. geofftech says:

    … ah the joys of working for I.T in a big corporation. you get to read everyone’s emails. (allegedly)

  33. Philippa says:

    hacking and illicit message-reading, not so much.. but legitimate spying via the uni-network of, muchos!

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