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Periodic Friends

Periodic Table of Friends“The three things guaranteed to cause awkward conversations with friends, no matter how long you’ve known them” my mum says to me in an eMail this week “are money, sex and religion”.

Fair enough, but I think I’d throw politics into that mix as well just to be safe. Anyway. One of those occured recently, meaning that I came up with a whole new bunch of categories.

• The people that you expect to be there, no matter what because you’ve known them for so long, that surely nothing you can say or do will piss them off .. but suddenly, out of nowhere and when you’re least expecting it, they turn out not to be the ones that make it in the long run.

• The ones that have always been there in the running, despite a few ups and downs, and in the end they’re the ones that always make it, even if there were times when things didn’t seem as good as they used to be. These turn out to be the people you can rely on the most.

• These then remind you of others in a sad way – of acquaintances that in a way you feel sorry for because you know that they’re never going to make it, despite you wanting them to.

• Those that you have absolute faith in and that you are prepared to stick by.

• People that you can revel in a moment of glory with which you thought you saw coming a while ago, but it didn’t happen – but then it DID happen, out of the blue when you weren’t expecting it and because of that, it was much better that you anticipated it to be, and you’re really grateful for it.

• Those that make you realise that you should never ever judge someone by your first impression of them. Ever.

• Those that make the effort when you didn’t think they’d bother. Which earns them your maximum respect.

All done with a suitable soundtrack, natch – to make it more memorable in the future.

Anyway. It’s Tuesday, and I’m off to a funeral today – a day when there are meant to be tears. But I like the fact that instead they may be caused by other reasons too.

Predictability is (by its nature) just too obvious sometimes, and it’s actually the intricate entwined sub-plots that are divulged from the original reason that make for a better overall story, which is what I felt like has happened to me this week – and henceforth one philosophical rambling blog entry.

Concerns about shaver voltages, walking in rain and where to buy cold cures will return next post. Probably. But I still like my categories.

10 responses to “Periodic Friends”

  1. Chris says:

    Simply – yes!

    Hope today isn’t too bad.

  2. Kirk says:

    Or as I have experienced:
    • Those that make no effort when you thought they’d bother. Which earns them negative respect.

  3. ClaphamCommuter says:

    Blimey Geoff, you swallowed a dictionary? Even I’m having trouble keeping up. And those
    ‘friends’ that say ‘if there’s anything I can do’, and then when you ask them, it’s not
    convenient.In my experience, it’s never the right time, but that’s the whole point about
    making an effort for someone. I also experienced this last year when I was immobile for
    6 weeks.

  4. BlondeonBlonde says:

    Friendship can be a tricky business, especially if you reveal too much to someone who happens to be in category 1. I like friends who listen and don’t judge, who let me be myself without a lot of input, and who mind their own business. Tolerance and acceptance are wonderful traits in people

  5. geofftech says:

    Notes from an American Funeral:

    – I was not aware there was a fifth verse to ‘Amazing Grace’, which Leigh got to hear me sing (badly).

    – I got to be a pallbearer. Such an honour bestowed upon oneself should never be taken lightly.

    – From the church to the cemetary, thirteen SUV’s and three saloons all drove slowly down the road with our headlights on – behind the hearse, which was escorted by a police car. All other cars at junctions stopped to give way – even at red light junctions where we just drove straight thru. And at one particularly poignant moment, a line of cars driving the other way slowed to a complete stop as a mark of respect, strangely that brought a lump to my throat.

    – Afterwards, there was a wake. Children ran round, sandwiches and cakes had been made, family members who had not seen each other for years caught up with each other and chatted. But … what I really missed was not having my auntie Vera running around with a tea-pot asking “Does anybody want a top-up?”, for there was no tea. ~chuckle~

  6. Johnny Alpha says:

    Very poignant post Geoff.

    From shavers to deep philosophical thoughts on the nature of friendship in one easy move! πŸ˜‰

  7. ClaphamCommuter says:

    I think you should carry a couple of tea-bags in your wallet Geoff for emergencies. They had a kettle surely?

    Although it can be a sad time, funerals can be quite interesting for meeting up with relatives and having a good old chat. Tongues are usually loosened by a bit of alcohol, so it can quite social.

  8. Paul says:

    Five verses eh? I’ve also sung a 6th verse too!

  9. DivineMrsM says:

    I wonder how many of us are pondering what category we fall into…

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