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Feels like …

Touchy Feely… it feels like I’m too lazy at the moment to think of anything concise, witty, or even vaguely rambolic to talk about how Charleston makes me feel.

I do however keep turning up word differences that ‘we’ use and ‘they’ don’t.

Pouffe = Ottoman

Crockery = Dishware

Enjoy your Tuesday.

12 responses to “Feels like …”

  1. Which is which? I’m fairly sure I’ve never used the word “poufee” in any kind of conversation…

  2. Alan Perks says:

    Wonderful speeling, I think he means ‘Pouffe’, as in something you rest your foot on, and which is pronounced with one syllable, like poof, and not with two syllables, as in ‘poofay’.

  3. Chz says:

    I talk with my US counterparts in Minnesota a lot, and we frequently compare US vs. Canadian vs. UK words for things. Soooo many strange variances. For example, where I grew up a chesterfield referred to pretty much any sofa. In the UK, it’s particular sofa. In the US, you’ll never hear it outside of antique auctions.

  4. CV says:

    It very much depends on where you first encountered the words. For example, in my parents living room, a pouffe was the small round stool that you could sit on or rest your feet on. An ottoman, on the other hand, lived at the end of my grandparent’s bed and was an upholstered, bench-size box used for storing clean bedlinen. In Turkey, on the other hand, an ottoman was a highly successful ruling empire founded on the principles of steam baths.

  5. ClaphamCommuter says:

    Couldn’t we have things we like to feel? Or can’t bear to touch? (keep it decent)
    e.g. I love flanelette sheets, and knobbly fleeces, furry things like teddies to
    cuddle. Many of us I’m sure had a little blanket we used to hold when small.Can’t bear the thought of touching a sanke, although I’m sure they’re lovely.

  6. geofftech says:

    2: corrected! thx Alan (told you i was feeling lazy)

  7. Johnny Alpha says:

    Kurtz = Lusty

    … let me explain.

    I was just sending a text message to my brother in law of all people, which ended with the phrase ” … as long as I can be Colonel Kurtz!” (Don’t ask! Suffice to say it was about Apocalypse Now)

    However as I was typing the predictive text, which strangely had the word “Kurtz” already in it, I switched the word by accident with the “spell” button, and you know what it changed it to? Yup …

    “… as long as I can be Colonel Lusty!”

    Damn I’ve got some explaining to do! 😉

  8. Paul Webb says:

    In the absence of writing anything witty about feel/touch, could you upload a video of you miming along to Divinyls “I Touch Myself”?

  9. geofftech says:

    #8 – Done! Search for “Geoff Touching Himself” on YouTube and it’s the first hit.

  10. DivineMrsM says:

    #9 – no it’s not.

    Anyway – call that a post? And I went and got you a clip art and everything!!


  11. Dunce says:

    maybe “dishware” is a US regional variant? I grew up in the heart of the midwest but only ever heard the term “crockery”.

  12. trama says:

    Ich erklare meinen Freunden uber diese Seite. Interessieren!

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