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Time gentleman, please

ClockActually, I’ve just realised that I potentially get a hour less of ‘gentlemanly’ entertainment tonight because the clocks go forward (Daylight Saving Time – DST) here tonight, at 2am Sunday morning.

Usually (like most of the the rest of the world) in the past it happens in the USA in the last week of March, but from this year for the first time it’s been moved forward by two weeks, and the ‘going back’ has been been put back by two weeks (from October to November) meaning a whole extra month of daylight during ‘summer’.

Confusing? Only for me who’s been used to calling/receiving calls from home with a -5 time difference, and until the UK goes forward in two weeks time, we’re only going to be four hours behind instead.

When we change our clocks
About Daylight Saving Time
British Summertime 2007

11 responses to “Time gentleman, please”

  1. jaq says:

    We were just discussing this, since she is over there and I am still here and we like to talk. So thanks for some useful links.

  2. David - Lightwater - In New York says:

    Yeah this is cos of the Clean Air act would believe. I researched this about a week ago. This is because the US is trying to save energy!
    It’s going to slighty screw with my plans tonight, although it will be cool cos I will have less jetlag when I go back to the UK on Wednesday. I am taking a day flight you see. Clever me! 😉

  3. sam says:

    Thanx for that, i had just assumed that everyone changed their clocks at the same time. So now its only 6 hours difference, now i might be more reachable, damn!!

  4. David - Lightwater - In New York says:

    no, 4 hours between london and the east coast, unless you are somewhere else then i apologize!
    They closed the bars at 4 am edt, bastards!

  5. Erin says:

    I live in Ireland and my family in NZ, so that means three different time differences
    I have to remember in the coming weeks, first it was 13 hours but as NZ changed
    their clocks during the weekend just gone, it is now 12 hours, but then in 2 weeks
    Ireland will change its clocks so it will be 11 hours – very confusing!!!

  6. Tugs says:

    Aha, your post has clarified what I thought were slightly odd journey times to and from New York this coming weekend. Using the deaprture and arrival times on the ticket, it suggested an 8 hours 40 min flight to the US but only 5 hours 40 min for the return leg.

    As always, your Blog comes up trumps Mr Marshall! Thank you.

  7. geofftech says:

    Sam’s in Colorado… mountain time, I believe its’ called, right?

    Glad I could be of service to everyone else.

  8. geofftech says:

    oh, and for all those that asked (!) yes we had a fine time saturday. much beer was involved and I think I may have still been drunk at 8am Sunday morning when I called Leigh to inform her i was in once piece…

  9. sam says:

    It is indeed Mountain Time. I think losing that hour yesterday screwed with my body clock, anyone else need that hour back?

  10. geofftech says:

    I’m convinced that the lost hour has partically screwed me which is why i still feel jaded today, yes.

    still – there was still light in the sky at 7.45pm last night which was nice.

  11. Anthony says:

    Argh! I am jealous! The weather’s been so nice here over the past couple of days and it’s still been non-summertime! I demand this Government rectifies the situation immediately!

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