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My Saturday

Here’s what I did yesterday:

My radio alarm clock goes off at 9am … I like my weekend lie-ins, but I also like to get up at a reasonable time so that I don’t feel like I’ve just wasted them sleeping either.

Virgin Radio (natch), comes on by default – but it’s nice to flick on my digital radio too and tune into 6 music for a bit of variety. I like it when I’m not working Saturday’s. Shift work at the BBC is nice when you have a day off during the week, but crap when you have to work the weekend.

Kettle on, tea made – and bugger – no milk! No worries, I walk to Sainsbury’s round the corner in less than 5 minutes and buy some more. I know I should have grown out of Shreddies years ago, but they’re still yum. Not yum enough to fill me up though, and so a couple of slices of thick danish bacon sizzle very well and go between two slices of bread thank you very much.

I hear the postman deliver the mail through my letter box, and pick it up along the with the paper that I get delivered. Recently I signed up to getting papers at the weekend – a trashy Saturday tabloid – perfect for celeb gossip and footy news, and then a sensible grown up paper on Sunday’s that I can take my time perusing over.

I call my mum up … she’s taking part in a cancer race for life tomorrow, and I might go and see her take part. Either that or i’ll catch up with her afterwards. She reminds me that she’s on the way to see my sister, who I’ve also got to call to plan to go and see next weekend.

There’s ad advert on the telly for the latest NOW album, and for 28 Weeks Later – must go and see that, tomorrow night I suspect.

Check my emails on my laptop for an hour, and update my blog – as well as catching up with everyone else’s. My friend Zu makes me laugh with their latest antics – I must catch up with them for lunch later this week.

Leave home and walking down to the train station, call up Mark to arrange where we’re going to meet after. After what? The game of course! It’s the final day of the premiership season, and if we (Spurs) win today it should put us 5th in table guaranteeing European football next season. For which I think I might get a season ticket rather than buy individual tickets for this year.

The game is good .. we get the win (2-1) that I wanted. I’m happy.

I meet up with Mark in The Corner Pin for a post-match-pint. His wife is expecting and he shows me the ultra sound scan picture that he’s now carrying around in his wallet and excitedly showing everyone.

I get the train and the tube home. It weird, since I’ve been driving to work at the Beeb recently I find I rarely go on the tube nowadays, an odd thing for me to admit to! So the smell of the northern line down as I descent the escalator is a strangely comforting aroma.

On a relatively quiet carriage, a copy of Friday’s Evening Standard is still crunched up in the corners of one of the seats. Victor Lewis Smith’s TV reviews still cracks me up.

I come home through waterloo – get chatting to an ecstatic West Ham fan who’d been down the pub with his mates over their win over the Mancs.

I stop in at my local fish & chip shop on the way home. My mobile ‘beeps’ as I’m paying. It’s my friend Steven – “The new Girls Aloud vid is on The Box if you’re in”. Damn it – I’m still 5 mins walk from home, it’ll be over by the time I get there.

Get in, shower & change, then head over to see Chris who’s having a Eurovision Song Contest party at his place. The usual gang are there and it’s nice to see everyone. At least we didn’t get nill points this year!

When I get in, MOTD hasn’t finished yet so I watch last nights Jonathan Ross instead on my Tivo. Frank Skinner is on! Talking about his new stand-up comedy tour this autumn. Sweet! I am definitely getting tickets for that.

End up falling asleep on the sofa half way through, wake up at 2am and get up and go to bed proper. And that’s my Saturday.

Charleston is a lovely place, it really is. People are genuinely friendly. Shops want to serve you and help you. Prices for everything are reasonable. The climate is good and there is a beach near to where I live. There are places to visit and things to do and see, this part of America has its own history and culture and I will never run out of things to talk and blog about, but yet …

… as I said to someone in an email today: If I’d of been born here and grown up here, then I wouldn’t know any other way to here. But I spent 33 years of my life in a totally different culture and environment to the one that I’m in now, and whilst I could spend the next 33 years getting used to everything here, it would also mean that I would forget everything that I know about back home. And I don’t want to forget about home.

To summarise: Life is good. Life could be a hell of a lot worse. I’m living in a beautiful place, with a beautiful wife, and whilst the internet can go a long way to helping stay in touch with everything I’ve linked above (and the friends and family that I haven’t), it’s never ever going to be exactly the same.

That’s all. I’ve definitely got it off my chest this time.

25 responses to “My Saturday”

  1. geofftech says:


    1) The premiership final day I know was today (Sunday), and not Saturday. Artistic license, okay?

    2) Ironically, I’ve just seen an advert on TV here whilst I’ve been typing this for HD Radio – Digital Radio comes to the USA!

    3) “Beautiful house .. beautiful wife” ! That’s a Talking Heads lyric isn’t it?

  2. Chucker says:

    Geoff, you talk about 33 years here vs 33 years there…what about a mix: I left Charleston @18 when I went into the US Marines; moved to San Diego at 21, married and had a child, worked for a daily newspaper, had a second child, finished college and moved to Los Angeles.

    Worked for CBS network TV news, promoted tourism to Southern California, divorced, moved to Kansas City, MO then to the state capital. Married again, had a daughter.

    Up to twin cities in Minnesota for a cold, long year, down to Tallahassee, Florida to promote tourism.

    Divorced, moved back to Charleston, worked for hometown newspaper 8 years and retired.

    In between, my work carried me to the UK (6 times), Germany, Switzerland, France, Mexico and Canada. I marvel each day that I saw so much yet started and ended here in SC.

    Yes, life IS good!

  3. zuzula says:

    oh hon – let’s do lunch! You can bring me a Krispy Kreme again ๐Ÿ™‚ (your post gave me such a huge wave of nostalgia!)

  4. David - Lightwater says:

    Get a Sonos thingy room system so you can listen to british radio in the bathroom (through the internet), and not just Radio 1 on Sirius!

  5. tami says:

    I’m tell you get the LIVEUK tV for $45 a month. I spendeveryday now watching it. I just i wish I could figure out how to record. If you get it mention me so I get a discount! I promise you its worth it!

  6. ClaphamCommuter(G's mum) says:

    Victor-Lewis Smith, wasn’t he the one who wrote rather unkind scathing remarks about your final winning brilliant Tube
    Challenge, calling you ‘a waste of space’ or something similar? The grass is always greener elsewhere you know.As i said before, if you are homesick in the U.S. how would Leigh feel living over here? She’d get homesick too. I suppose you could anchor a ship in the Mid Atlantic and live there, or a light-house maybe, equidistant from the U.K & U.S.

  7. Dave Moulton says:

    I came over from the UK 28 years ago and I have lived all over the US; Charleston is my favourite stop so far. There are good and bad things in both countries, but on the whole this is where I’d rather be, which is why I’m still here. My advice if you are going to stay, stop acting like a poor man’s Hugh Grant; it is only cute for so long.

  8. Well… I had to weigh in on this one…

    Geoff, you forgot to add into your UK day the bit about “Make Trans-Atlantic phone call to Leigh… Sulk for over an hour on long distance relationships… Day dream about being in America with Leigh… Spend $800 on flight to America…”

    I think that’s a little more like what your Saturdays use to be like. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Paul Webb says:

    Geoff – Aside from the current stint, what is the longest time that you have spent away from London and its environs?

  10. It rained on Saturday. A lot.
    You missed that bit.

    You probably don’t miss that bit.

  11. J-Ro says:

    Speaking of glorious footballing triumphs – Forest beat Yeovil 2-0 in the play-off first leg :o)

    You took Zuzula a krispy kreme? You know how tongues wagged when she took you a mince pie!

  12. ClaphamCommuter(G's Mum) says:

    I agree with #7, stop whining and just enjoy yourself, wherever you are. Travel is supposed to broaden the mind. Do some more and see other less well-off parts of the world before you get too old, then you’ll be grateful for your warm bed, and well-stocked ‘fridge.

  13. Ian Fitzgibbon says:

    Hi Geoff,

    You are definately living your dream, me and Kerrie agree with your mum and the imortal words of The Specials – “Enjoy Yourself, its later than you think”.

    Just imagine – Charleston’s beach or putting up with replacement bus services with nutter drivers when the pesky Jubliee is shut from Canary Wharf on a weekend.


  14. Jon Allen says:

    Strangely enough, I haven’t felt homesick at all since I’ve been in Seoul.
    It could not be further from our life in London, but it’s not something we are planning on going back to.

  15. zuzula says:

    J-Ro – Geofftech is responsible for my one and only Krispy Kreme experience. It was a very special moment!

  16. geofftech says:

    it rained here on Friday of last week. i got caught out in it on my bike and got a little drenched. and i really liked it .. it was nice to smell the humidity in the air and have puddles on the ground. i miss the rain sometimes.

    and who’s whining? it’s an insightful blog post about things that i used to be able to do back home but can no longer do here. i mean – is that okay for me to say that? yes, i think it is.

    if you’d have read between the lines of my last mutterings (“i’m better that you” ) you’ll have spotted my admittance to that fact that my mind had indeed been broadened. but that doesn’t stop me from missing things that i’m used to.

    and using the old “there’s always someone worse off than you” line is shite too. we live in a world where there will always be parts that are better-off than others, but i was fortunate enough to grow up in a part of the world that wasn’t less-well off. and even though life where i am now is great (most days), the underlying feeling is that i still miss stuff from back home. like (#13) getting the bus.

  17. geofftech says:

    Oh and Zu – lunch? Wednesday? i’ll bring the donuts.

  18. Alan Perks says:

    Season ticket for Spurs? At least that means you’ll get an extra 90 minutes sleep every other Saturday. Oddly enough it is near on impossible to get a season ticket for the Mighty Arsenal, due to very high demand, unlike Spurs!! Heh heh heh…..

  19. zuzula says:

    you’re on! see you in the bar….

  20. I’m can identify with the sort of thing Geoff is going through. Not that I’ve emigrated or anything, but I spent 10 years living & working in Oxford and very much made it my home; having moved to the London area 18 months ago there’s plenty that’s good (own house at last, and living with wife-to-be, for starters), but I do miss many things about Oxford.

    I get accused of “living in the past”, reminiscing about cycling through the wonderful countryside with friends, but I reckon it’s OK in moderation: i.e. as long as it doesn’t prevent you from having a worthwhile existence in the Here & Now with those who would share it with you.

    As for the Jubilee Line being closed east of Canary Wharf last weekend: well I enjoyed it! I got to drive my train over both arms of the scissors crossovers just west of the station (I’ve not had so much as a “detrain Green Park, reverse via Charing Cross” in over 5 months yet).

    And anyone who actually travelled on the replacement bus between Canary Wharf and North Greenwich probably hadn’t planned their journey – for North Greenwich, take the 188 bus or others from Canada Water and avoid needlessly going under the river twice.

  21. dan says:

    You’re only homesick for England because you haven’t shot anybody yet here in America. The ability to shoot one’s neighbors adds an invigorating quality to life here, and there you go on your bicycle, moping around, not shooting anybody or sucking up petrol. No wonder you’re down in the dumps.

    Let me cheer you up. We’ll get some guns and a few boxes of ammo, then rent an enormous four-wheel drive muddin’ machine and cruise up to the mountains, where we can warm up by shooting some beaver and possum before we go after the real game: criminals, people who look like they might be criminals, liberals, foreigners and, of course, men who use skin lotion. Then we’ll go eat a big steak and tell ’em to cook it just past the point where it goes “moo.”

    Then you’ll start enjoying this American life. When in Rome you do as the Romans do. When in America, you don’t do as the Romans do, since it’s common knowledge that Romans are foreigners and foreigners are all kinda queer as far as we’re concerned.

    Yee-haw! Say it with me!!


  22. Hi Geoff.

    I knew about you from the London Underground thing – didn’t realise you were a geocacher too! What’s your geocaching profile name?



  23. jmsloop says:

    Excuse me for butting into the responses here, but I’m personally offended by Dan’s response (a couple above this one) if only because I told him a story last weekend that involved me using skin lotion.

    Dan, you trying to call me something?

    Sorry to turn your blot into an inter-xark spat area, geoff.


  24. Dan says:

    You you you you you. Everything is about you you you you you, John.

    What about MY needs? Did you ever stop to think that maybe MY skin needs lotion, too? Did you ever think about that, John?

    And I can’t believe you would embarrass me in front of my friends over here on geofftech. Stop stalking me, Lotion Boy!

  25. geofftech says:

    inter-xark-spatting is fine! you’ll be thrilled to know Dan, that JJ has offered to take me corn-chewing, and gon shootin’ at somepoint over the summer.

    my geocaching name? ‘geofftech’ of course!

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