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Tea & Music

Yesterday, I realised two odd things happened to me:

• I made a cup of tea in the morning, which I only got about halfway through before getting distracted, going out, and not getting a chance to have any more tea until I got home again in the evening.

And all day – all day – everytime I put a drink to my mouth (water, juice, soda, whatever) I had this strange sense in my throat & brain that said “Yes, that’s nice, but it’s not the rest of the cup of tea that you started and didn’t finish this morning though, eh?”, and I felt as if my brain was nagging me and trying to punish me all day for not finishing something I’d started.

• I found myself humming a certain old song (you don’t need to know which one) in my head, that I thought “Ah, when I get home, I must play that and enjoy it properly rather than just having a head-version of it spinning round in my thoughts”.

And so when I got home, I played it – and guess what? It somehow wasn’t as enjoyable as the version that I’d hummed to myself. So I turned it off, walked away from my music and went back to humming it in my head. Much more enjoyable.

3 responses to “Tea & Music”

  1. Paul says:

    Maybe if you tried listening to the song sipping your cold tea the experience would have been better?

  2. Mikey says:

    I hate it when you here a song on an advert, then after searching for ages, you find out what the song is, go and find the video on youtube, only to discover that the chorus is the decent part of the song.

    You made me think of that.

  3. jj says:

    so you spent all day drinking substances that were almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea?

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