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That’s Super!

SuperglueAnd is it just me that is alone in doing this? I don’t think it is.

You break something. Something tiny, something fiddly, something ornate. Something that is going to require a tiiiiny dab of super glue to repair it.

And you know you’ve got some somewhere because you remember buying some six months ago to stick that other thing together, and you remember thinking then, “I’m definitely going to put this tube of superglue in a place where I’ll remember where it is next time I need it”, and so you put it … where?

Kitchen drawer? Nope. Under stairs cupboard? Nope. Shelf in the bedroom? Nope. Nowhere.

Everytime you break something you have to buy a new one, glue your thing together, and then you put it down into the strange bermuda-triangle-esque vortex that also consume all the biros in your house.


(Alternatively, if you ARE lucky enough to find the previously bought tube of glue, then you have of course not screwed the cap on properly, and it’s all dried up now)

8 responses to “That’s Super!”

  1. jaq says:

    I find my superglue in my model-making toolbox, along with my epoxy, PVA and contact adhesive. Unless it has run out.

  2. Tina says:

    I agree, the same situation would apply to sticky tape, stamps, string, batteries and all
    manner of miscellaneous items, which mysteriously disappear after one use.
    You need a kitchen drawer marked ‘useful items’ and deposit said stuff in there.
    I have one, and it’s like Aladdin’s cave, you never know what you might find in it,
    oh, and all those money-off vouchers you keep meaning to use, and they go out of date.

  3. Julia says:

    we have a misc drawer. It seams to be filled with 30th birthday balloons, birthday cake candles and red ribbon. Nothing of any actual practical use whatsoever. sigh!

  4. Paul Webb says:

    Oddly, the back of my sofa seems to generate tubes of glue and biros that I have never bought. Do you think your house and the back of my sofa are connected through some form of temporal link?

  5. Mikey says:

    Lol, I was just about to say it’s normally dried out.

    Any thing ‘manly’, ie screwdrivers, electrical tape, super glue, etc, etc, is all kept in the top draw of my desk. This way, when I break something I can instantly fix it, as I spend 75%+ of my time at my desk.

  6. (William) Andrew says:

    Superglue (and other glues like Araldite) live in the fridge – because apparently they keep better at low-temperature. So I always know where to find *them*. Cheap biros however seem to disappear from one place then turn up by the dozen somewhere else!

  7. Wayne says:

    so, I see by the photo in the blog that you found the superglue in the end. And that cap seems pretty well screwed on, too, so really you’re just having a whinge about nothing. What? Oh. Ah.

  8. stroppycow says:

    Superglue… easy, in the fridge in the butter dish slot because it’s the only way i found the cap doesn’t dry up shut by the next time i need it. Mind you that’s if i remembered to put it away =)

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