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Tell me more, tell me more …

He got friendly, down in the sandSo I’m out on Saturday night helping Leigh photograph a wedding. And after having seen enough shrimp & grits at southern weddings to sink a battleship over the last year, it was with a degree of intrigue that I went along at the weekend to see an American girl … marry a British guy!

Obviously I had a few ‘English’ things at my own nuptials a few weeks ago – imported beer, a sit down dinner, speeches/toasts after the meal and no Friday night bash. But I wanted to see if they’d do anything typically British too. And they did not disappoint.

A rousing “To the Queen!” with a raised glass every time someone mentioned her maj (a bit like shouting ‘Crackerjack‘ everytime someone said the trigger word) happened. Someone ran a book on the length of the best-mans speech ($400 in total, got donated to charity), and best of all … they had a DJ spinning party tunes. Proper English party tunes.

Abba, Soft Cell, Wham!, Robbie Williams – they were all there. Even the B-52’s got rolled out making it very hard for this wedding-photographers-assistant to keep his tapping foot under control, and his finger on the shutter button.

But the coup-de-grace and something unmistakably British came when the DJ played his trump card of the night: The Grease Megamix.

Leigh looked on with astonishment – and I snapped with glee at just the right moments – as the men lined up on one side, the ladies on the other, and went through all the motions including the duck-waddling “Wella wella wella oomphs!” and fist-clenching “Tell me more!” finale.

“I have never seen this happen before” says Leigh with a slightly incredulous look on her face.

I just smile back, and revel in the moment of not feeling very far away from home at all.

But hang on … ‘Grease‘ was an American film! Set at an American school. So where exactly along the line did the Brits hijack such classic tunes and lead the way with the cheesy dance moves?

The Americans have The Anniversary Dance. The DJ plays a song, and asks couple who have been married for a small period of time to stay on the dance floor, slowing increasing the period of time thus leaving the oldest and longest married couple left on the dance floor as the winners.

They’ll also play the classy four walled line dance – Electric Slide, seeming an American classic wedding choon.

But only we (the Brits) can get away somehow with making a digging motion during “Dancing Queen”, or a vinyl-spinning hand motion to “Don’t Stop Movin'” and pull it off in a ‘We’re drunk, but we don’t care’ kind of way. And it was fab.

Side observation:

• Leigh once told me that that an American generalisation was that British girls were just that bit more slutty than her own breed. And judging by the amount of breast and associated cleavage on display [all British] I’m starting to see her point of view. Not that that’s a complaint or anything.

18 responses to “Tell me more, tell me more …”

  1. Chris says:

    But the groom sing?

  2. ClaphamCommuter(G's Mum) says:

    Yeah, but did you put down your camera and have a little dance? Grease, definitely is the Word!

  3. Slutty is a very pejorative term. It implies disapproval. If I were generalising, I’d say that English women were more open-minded, liberated and progressive, whereas American women were more unenlightened and prissy.

    I’d also say, if I were to continue generalising, that American women are bleedin’ lovely.

  4. geofftech says:

    i. No singing. He was just instead very nervous. Wuss.

    ii. No dancing! They wouldn’t even let us drink! First time i’ve worked a wedding where the bar staff would only serve the guest. Grrr.

    iii. I’ll let Leigh get back to you on that one Ian… But they’re certainly bleedin’ lovely, yes. Hang on .. “Bleedin'” ? Why have you turned into Henry Higgins all of a sudden?

  5. 4.iii. Well, I didn’t want to offend the natives. You can edit it to f****** gorgeous if you like.

  6. Andrew says:

    Strange, I’d heavily argue that it was the American women who were generally open-minded, liberal, progressive and forward, whereas British women – generally – would be more prissy and private.

  7. Mikey says:

    I need to go to more weddings. Being 8 at the last one I went to, I wasn’t able to appreciate the finer points.

  8. zuzula says:

    * blinks incredulously *

    British women are more slutty?! this from a nation who gave us Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson (is that her name?)…


  9. geofftech says:

    Here, I couldn’t resist an ‘in action’ Grease-dance photo btw.

    Prissy and private in normal daily lives perhaps, but send them to a party/wedding, stick a smirnoff ice in their hands, and all bets are off.

    mikey – i’ll send you some photos of breast shots that i took, okay?

  10. leigh says:

    i lived with a British girl for about 6 months when I was living in Australia. And really, my generalizing comment to Geoff that, “All British girls are sluts”, was really just based on one girl I knew who shagged the whole country. And I didn’t like her very much, so I am totally fine with it having a negative connotation, at least towards her. 🙂

  11. Mikey says:

    Thank you Geoff. You are such a great web host. First the Tunnock chocolate bar, now pics of breasts. Life doesn’t get much better.

  12. Oh. That explains it. She’d probably been converted to Australianism.

  13. Paul says:

    Nice to Leigh is being honest! Lets hope the girl doesn’t read this blog!

  14. Alan Perks says:

    Let’s hope she does read this blog!! Heh heh…….

  15. geofftech says:

    Zu…. you forget Britney & Christina to that list who are doing their bit for Miss US of A.

    However, go to any nightclub at chucking out time in England and you just know there’ll be a girl called ‘Shaznay’ screaming ‘Come home and shag me Kevin!’, so you know – it’s swings and roundabouts really.

  16. geofftech says:

    … Actually, come to think of it, when we left the wedding no Saturday, a bar/club called ‘Tonik’ on the other side of the street was chucking out, and we witnessed:

    • raised voices and a lot of pushing and shoving
    • a car window being smashed as someone got shoved against it
    • three cop cars turning up about 30 seconds later, at which time all the perpetrators ran off into the night

    “let’s get out of here before someone starts shooting!” said leigh.

    ok, so she said it with a grin on her face as she wasn’t being entirely serious, but … you know.

    turns out though that another bar just down the street that i’ve been in many times DID have a shooting incident (read it here) a couple of weeks ago, when the bouncer asked a guy for ID, who got a strop on, pulled his gun out and shot at random into the bar hitting an innocent person in the leg. nice.

  17. Brent says:

    Something that we American’s do have that may compare to the Grease dance would be the Paradise by the Dashboard Light Dance put to the tune of Meatloaf’s great hit. I can’t seem to find any good description of it, but anytime a friend gets married this song is played. The boys line up on one side, the girls on the other and you sing back and forth with some absurd movements to go along with them. High quality entertainment 🙂

  18. Last week, I broke up a fight in bar in a sleepy town in America. Years of practice, you see. For the record, neither me, nor any of my associates were involved.

    *thinks about changing his name to Kevin*

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