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Can you count?

Ok, it’s time to have a little fun here.

Watch the video below (using my new, rather whizzy embedded flash player) and as you do – count the number of times that the people in WHITE pass a basketball from one person to another. Don’t count the people in black, count the people in white. Simple as that.

Watch it ONCE (and ONCE only!) then post your answer into the comments area. And i’ll be back in a day or two to explain what the hell this is all about!

If you’ve seen this before, then please don’t say so. Just an answer – a figure – of how many times you think the white players pass the basketball between themselves – and try to do avoid being influenced by an answer that’s already been given in the comments – stick to what you counted.

[flashvideo width=”320″ height=”240″ filename=”/iblog/wp-content/videos/gorilla.flv” returnpage=”″ /]

40 responses to “Can you count?”

  1. geofftech says:

    If you can’t see the video box – you need to install Flash onto your machine.

    And remember, just ONE answer person please – a number – and nothing else!


  2. 'Tina' (G's Mum') says:


  3. Jonny Lyon says:


  4. David - Lightwater says:

    2 times.

  5. (William) Andrew says:


  6. Garion Allen says:


  7. Allan Williams says:


  8. greatkingrat says:


  9. tony gibson says:


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