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Wedding … edding … edding

Umbrella dancingShe just won’t go away! I’m sorry but she won’t.

There I am minding my own business snapping away photos with Leigh at a wedding at the weekend just gone, when the band that have been playing for the last couple of hours step down to take a well earned break.

They stick on a CD/iPod/mix/whatever, and I’m treated to the delights of R Kelly’s “Ignition” (haven’t heard that for ages, cool) and then Wyclef Jeans “Perfect Gentlemen” (and I can STILL remember all the words to the chorus – ha!) when suddenly … there it is … the Jay-Z rap kicks in over that very familiar rolling drum beat, and “Umbrella” starts to pump out of the monitors.

Cue: One of the many lovely ladeez in attendance at the wedding nips over and grabs her flowery-pink umbrella from her bag and starts dancing around with it.

[Geoff’s cogs in his head start to turn and whir as he remembers that HE’S got an umbrella in his bag too!]

So I dash over and grab it, and race back to the dancefloor to give my black umbrella to another lovely lady and proceeded to snap away (as did Leigh – her photo used above! – but you can see MY camera in the top left corner) as they pranced about, extended brollies in hand. Marvelous.

Oh, and there was also the most gregarious amounts of cleavage on display that I’ve ever seen at a wedding yet. Being a photographers assistant with a zoom lens certainly has its perks.

I’ve been told it “might not be wise” to put up a gallery of them here though. Bah.

10 responses to “Wedding … edding … edding”

  1. geofftech says:

    Message for Mikey:

    >I’ve been told it “might not be wise” to put up a gallery
    >of them here though. Bah.

    But if you email me nicely, i’ll send you the best ones.

  2. Are those bridesmaids, or are those dresses some new fashion?

  3. Ben says:

    Interesting angle to be taking pictures from…….you must really love the umbrella’s

  4. Julia says:

    You just wait, my sister is 8 months pregnant and never goes anywhere without getting her tits out!

  5. Tina says:

    Did you really mean ‘gregarious’? I thought that meant liking people and being friendly!
    Perhaps you meant ‘generous'(On the other hand perhaps they were being friendly showing you their t***)

  6. (William) Andrew says:

    #5 I suspect Geoff meant ‘gratuitous’

  7. Alan P says:

    #6 or it could be ‘gigantic’

  8. geofftech says:

    G..G..g..g..grr. Whatever.

    Was at /another/ wedding yesterday (21st July). It’s a band only.. no DJ, no playing CD/tunes inbetween – so no chance of ‘umbrella’ – I make this decision because i do consider going back to the car to fetch it but it’s quite a walk away so i don’t.

    So.. you guessed it… last song of the night, the band do a bleedin’ cover version of it, and they do it rather well. That JayZ rhythm starts up and I think ‘oh bastards’, and ask the cute drunken girlies that have been on the dancefloor all night that if they have an umbrella, they should go and get it ’cause it will make a really good photo… but alas, they don’t.. and neither do i…

  9. geofftech says:

    Oh, and big /are/ your sisters boobs, J? 6 weeks and counting!

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