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iDon’t believe it …

Crap phoneLast week, my cheapo-but-perfectly functional cell phone here went on an acid trip, and spazzed out permanently with a multi coloured display. Ok – so what really happened is that I sat on it and it buckled under the weight of my fat arse ~chuckle~ and I broke it.

Now this led to an interesting dilemma … because tucked away in my cupboard here I still had my old but beautiful Nokia N70 phone which I’d used back in England. It was on Vodaphone, but earlier this year the contract expired and so I canceled it and unlocked it. Oh and it used a SIM card – important to note – because not all networks here in the USA do. Leigh & me are on Verizon for example which uses the old (analogue?) CDMA technology, meaning that I could NOT use my Nokia N70 as a replacement phone on Verizon.

Which meant that I was going to have to shell out $150 for the most basic cheap crappy phone and carry on using Verizon … or did it?

Whilst walking past an AT&T store at the weekend a thought went through my head. If I was going to have to pay $150 for a crappy phone to stay on Verizon anyway, then maybe I could use that money to buy myself out of my Verizon contract, get a SIM card/new contract with AT&T and use my Nokia N70! Neat.

So I ducked into the Verizon store to check on the cost of getting out of contract, and to double check on the price of a cheap crappy phone, before heading over to the AT&T store to see what was going on there.

And of course what was going on there could be summed up in one succinct word -> iPhone

But here’s the rub. Geoff-the-iPod-king is actually NOT FUSSED about getting one, because everybody knows that before long Apple are going to bring out a wide screen touchscreen iPod Video – i.e. an iPhone without the phone bit, but with an 80 to 100Gb capacity – maybe even flash based, not hard disk based, and when they come out, I definitely do do do want one of those – no question.

And here’s the second rub. It’s not ME who starts drooling over them going “Mmm.. they’re good…” no … no no no! It’s Leigh! And suddenly you can see the cogs going into motion through her head about what if SHE got an iPhone instead. (I did obviously try one out for a a moment though by seeing how my website looked on it)

Geofftech on an iPhone

But we walked away … we didn’t do it .. straight away. Don’t rush into these things and have a bit of a think, right?

So we had a think. And decided to go for it.

To cut a long story short (because I want to get to the big “You won’t believe it but … ” moment) we end up ditching Verizon (but keeping our same numbers) and BOTH moving over to AT&T. And yes … Leigh got an iPhone, and I got a SIM which I could just snap into my N70. Sorted. Everybody happy. Right?

Everybody WAS happy … including the more-than-helpful bloke serving us (Hello Riley, if you’re reading my blog now!) who was in fact most excited to see an N70 because nobody has them in the whole of the USA – they’re just not sold here.

Leigh with her new iPhone.  Grr.Also … a bizarre moment happened when we informed that Apple insist that you can’t open up the iPhone in the store and start playing with it then, so you get it in a sealed bag, which we we had to walk out of the shop with before being allowed to open it up. I don’t think I’ve seen Leigh behave like a kid on Christmas day before, mainly because i didn’t know her when she was 8 years old … but I could see what it was like now.

But here’s the rub. The real rub of this story:

Yes Leigh has an iPhone. Yes they’re cool. Yes I set her up on iTunes and the iStore and showed her how to do podcasts, and she’s gone crazy and used iCal for her contacts and calendar and gone the whole hog, and it’s all sexy and Apple like, and oh gosh .. mm .. yes .. I STILL DON’T WANT ONE! – Because I’ll be buying an iPod proper later in the year .. right .. right .. right?



Crap phoneA few hours after me putting the new SIM into my N70 … THE SCREEN BROKE ON IT!

Seriously, look:

It still can still make and receive calls, but you can’t see what numbers you’re typing, and you can’t see who’s calling you. It just broke. Just like that. And no, I didn’t sit on it. It was sat on the side untouched waiting for me to start putting all my numbers into it. ARSE!

So, to recap:

• I had a phone with a broken screen.
• Leigh’s got a new sexy iPhone, and I don’t.
• I spent a not-entirely small amount of money …
• … and I’m left with a phone with a broken screen.

I want to cry. I really really want to cry.

So here’s the dilemma. I *could* get an iPhone. You know? Well apart from the fact that I can’t really afford it, that is.

But then what do I do when the iPod Video comes out which will look just like it? Have two almost identical devices? Can I sync an iPhone AND an iPod on one PC anyway? Shall I just suffer with a broken phone in case a larger version (capacity-wise) iPhone comes out? Or do I just go and shell out $150 on a crappy SIM card phone that will work on AT&T and be done with it.


And spookily enough, after doing my blog upgrade at the weekend, I went though every single post today to check for missing images, etc.. and found one that I wrote over a year ago called … ‘iPhone‘.

And whilst in ‘Apple’ mode what about the iProduct? Yes, I’ve blogged it before but a joke this good is worth blogging twice. And also check the marvelous Apple form factor guide throughout the years.

iProduct – – –Form Factor

19 responses to “iDon’t believe it …”

  1. leslie says:

    I replaced my Nokia 6682 a few weeks ago with a Samsung Blackjack (hated to go away from Nokias and almost got an N75, but I got a very good deal on this one). I love it–it’s a great phone (and, unlike the iphone, it comes with 2 batteries and an external charger). It was also $50 after the rebate, and you can put up to 2 gb music on it.

    Of course, seeing as how I would never buy an Ipod (I stick with Creative–cheaper and work just as well, if not better), and REFUSE to infect my computer with Itunes again, the iphone was just a fleeting thought.

  2. Paul says:

    I had an N70 – yes the picture quality is good but they are soooo slow to bring up the menus and photos and things!

  3. Chz says:

    here’s nothing analogue about CDMA.

    That is a funny story though. Poor Geoff!
    I wouldn’t hold your breath for an 80GB flash Ipod – 64GB of flash isn’t supposed to drop below $1000 in bulk quantities until next year.

  4. Chz says:

    Oops. I put a “pedant mode=on” in html braces up there and it interpreted it as such – *poof* Vanished!

    /Geofftech/ Chz… edited your comment for you to make it look right. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Analogue?! How very quaint. Is it powered by steam? No wonder Americans are getting excited about the iPhone, with its fancy digital technology

  6. David - Lightwater, UK says:

    yeah geoff verizon has been digital for years now.
    They used to have analogue though for a long time cos it had the range, but everyone could listen in to your calls!
    BTW my new phone is going to be the Nokia E90. Drooooollll!!!!

  7. Stewart says:

    To quote Public Enemy, don’t believe the hype.

    Why not go for a Samsung Blackjack? It, unlike the iPhone, actually uses a 3G GSM network – usefully higher data speed. Oh, and has much of the functionality for 1/5th the dosh…

  8. Lisa says:

    Hmmmmm, I thought you could get a free phone through AT&T with a contract. The other day, even though I had a contract, I went online and modified it by buying a refurbished blackberry pearl….which was still more than I would have liked to pay for it, but by the time I finished the transaction, they gave me a $110 internet discount and it cost me all of $59…with a 2 year contract….oh and $29 per month additional to for a personal blackberry usage….oh and $3.99 per month so I can call my friend in India for 37 cents per minute instead of the $4/minute (that was a horrid bill)….oh and I could go on…my cell phone bill is rather outrageous with all the additionals that I can’t seem to live without ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’ve got an old nokia 9210 communicator kicking around. But really, nothing rivals a N95

  10. Tina (G's Mum) says:

    Oh go on just buy the iPhone, I’ll send you $10 for your birthday to start you off. You could always ask for donations……………..!

  11. Paul says:

    I want a 9210! They are bricks but cool! We have one at work.

  12. geofftech says:

    Ok… so CDMA isn’t analogue, but it seems old and antiquated, right? it seems that nowhere else in the world uses it, everyone else has SIM’s, correct? Meh.

    I think i’m NOT going to get an iPhone. purely because i really hope/suspect that Apple will come out with a new iPod sometime before the end of the year… same thing, but with a hard disk. and i don’t want to end up with two iDevices. just the one will do, thanks. especially if iPod generation 6 has an iPhone anyway, that you just disable if you don’t want that feature – which is also a possibility.

    in the meantime, i’ve had various offers of Nokia phones from people. now all i’ve got to do is unlock them. oh, and drop into the AT&T store anyway to see if i can get a free phone with my new contract.

    and in the meantime, if I need an iPhone fix, i’ll just use my missus’s …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Ross says:

    Hey!!!! “no where else in the world” just happens to be New Zealand! We are one of the “few” places in the world which still use CDMA, but Telecom NZ are about to spend $300 Million (about $225M US) building a new swanky UMTS Network(ie a GSM type one which uses SIM cards). Main reason we are doing that is cos Telstra in Australia are about to shut their CDMA network down (they have gone GSM as well), and this would mean the NZ travelling public heading to Oz would have no ability to “Roam” there.

    Interested to see you had a Samsung…. We get most of our CDMA phones thru a puchasing agreement with Sprint in the US, and are Sanyos (surprisingly good phones) and Samsungs (not so good).

    Actually – I could probably send you a CDMA phone what would work over there if you like ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Chz says:

    The funny thing that most people don’t realise is that most “3G” networks operate off a CDMA derivative (W-CDMA). That includes Europe and Asia. The underlying technology isn’t really any concern of the end user – it’s the implementation. GSM is a standard TDMA technology like many of the older North American networks, but it has a standard implementation scheme. The North American networks would pick either TDMA or CDMA to work with and implement them however they damned well felt like. So American TDMA networks would lack standard GSM features – echo cancellation was missing on a lot of the older systems! SMS? Hah!

    I might have understood the American networks ignoring the ROTW’s standards if they’d come up with their own. But instead, they ignored everyone else’s standard and failed utterly to come up with any standard whatsoever. Thankfully it looks like 3G will be W-CDMA pretty much everywhere. It only took them 10 years to get a clue.

    [geek mode=off]

  15. leigh says:

    I LOVE my iPhone.
    Just thought I’d chip in my 2ยข


  16. Mark Garth says:

    Don’t Verizon provide the broadband for AOL in the US? I seem to remember my relatives in Baltimore grumbling about having to upgrade their modem a few months back.

    I’ve just got an N95 and it is excellent ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. jj says:

    and people mock me for my soon to be 7 year old Samsung SPH-N200.

    well, guess what? it works.



    why, it even has a colour display! it’s green…

  18. geofftech says:

    Good god! what did i spark off? So CSMS *IS* only used by third world countries Ross? USA /and/ NZ ?

    i actually have a working Nokia now though, but i’ll save it for another post… with a funny photo…

    and yes Chz, you are geek ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Did you get the N70 working? Seeing the photo, I might hazard a guess and say the odds are at least even that it’s a software fault rather than hardware. So try removing the battery and leaving it for a few minutes before trying again…

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