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Nick Riviera“You won’t feel a thing … not until I stick this down your throat!”. I’m reminded of crazy Dr. Nick Riviera from the Simpsons when I found myself at the Surgial Associates of Charleston this morning, to have a Lipoma removed from my left shoulder.

A what?

It’s ok – I had to look it up too. But it’s essentially a lump of fatty tissues which builds up on your body. I’m told they normally appear on males ‘From their forties onwards’, and generally ‘On their backs’, so either I wasn’t 35 last week but a lot older, or the topologically layout of my body is wrong.

Anyway, as is the norm with these things, some classic ‘Before and after’ shots are in order, so Leigh with her new macro lens gets on the case and manages to do the ‘pre’ one ok, but gets slightly squeamish with the ‘after’ shot. Honesty – How Grays is one of her favourite shows I’ll never know.

“Ooh, it came out purple” said the actually nice Dr West – nothing like the Riveria at all – joking as he was when I inquired as to what it actually looked like (I was lying on a comfy chair on my side under an operating table style light not daring to look) and he said that it was really like “a bit like chicken fat” as he made an insertion in my skin, and squeezed it all out. Yuk.

I paid my $20 up front fee. Now I’ve got a game of ‘guess-the-amount-that-my-health-insurance-company-will-actually-cover’ coming up in the next week, and all is good.

Chicken for dinner, anyone?

Geoff as a SimpsonIncidentally – I gave in and joined Facebook, but I still think it could all just be a huge waste of time.

What it did lead me to discover though is that loads of people use to generate a Simpson-esque avatar for themselves, of which this [left] is mine.

I’m not convinced. A bit like Facebook itself really.

9 responses to “Lipo-suck-oma”

  1. Rudi says:

    Fun times with doctors! I have a lipoma that needs to be reduced, as well – sometime soon, just not yet.

    BTW, feel free to find me on Facebook, too – I caved earlier this week.

  2. David - Lightwater, UK says:

    How much did it cost you in all? No NHS there!

  3. geofftech says:

    Well that’s what i get to find out .. Later! You show them your insurance card, you pay $20 up front, and then you wait for a letter to come in the mail about a week later which reveals how much it is, and how much you actually pay, etc…

  4. Tina (G's Mum) says:

    ‘Yuk’ – too much information!!

  5. Of course Facebook is a massive waste of time. That’s its best feature!

  6. Richard says:

    I recommend the Traveler IQ challenge on Facebook – you’ll love it.

  7. leslie says:

    I’m on Facebook too, at the urging of my UK friends. Hey, it’s MUCH less obnoxious than myspace!

    Email me if you want my username. I hide it because I teach teenagers and I want as little chance as possible of them finding me!

  8. Hi. I popped in from LC Blogs..

    I have these on my arms. I had one “removed” and it went all the way to the bone.. ick..

    I have many more now. No one ever told me that I was a middle aged male, either! *snicker*

    My surgeon originally seemed miffed that I wanted it removed. But it hurt. After getting in there, he had to add more anesthetic and go deeper.. so maybe I wasn’t nuts?

    I have so much scar tissue where the operation was performed, that I wonder if it even matters that I had the procedure.

    Good luck with Facebook!

  9. Bumble says:


    You can play scrabble with people on facebook though. One of its redeeming features

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