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Let me take you on a trip …

… to the UK. Some observations from the last week.


Coke can“Your cans are different” says Leigh. “No they’re not” “Yes they are!” she retorts as I sip on my soda.

Now I can remember back to the days of ring-pulls, to when soft drinks cans didn’t taper at the top and were straight, but I’m pretty sure that we’ve standarised now and that the can shape is the same here and there.

But no. Upon getting back here (the USA), I discovered that the standard soda can size if 355ml big, whilst the UK is smaller at 330ml. Fatter Americans? Those 25ml make all the difference, evidently.


A house in England“England is brown, so brown!” is all ever Leigh used to tease me about. Take the nicely coloured houses of wooden Charleston, and compare it to the predominantly brick-built-Britain, and you could start to see what she means.

However – She now stands (or maybe sits) corrected. After the wettest summer like – ever – a lot of England appears to be now overgrown and green. Grassy fields, trees, everything .. lovely lush green.

And I should point out that in our week there, IT DIDN’T RAIN ONCE! Ha. So much for the floods.


E is for EntertainmentLeigh’s favourite TV channel here in the states is E! Entertainment news, gossip and scandal 24 hours a day, celebrity tit bits, and I have to admit – even I quite enjoy it from time to time when you need to veg out and watch some nothing TV.

“Do you get E! in England?” asks Leigh to me the other day. “No we don’t” I say, knowing that when I had my full channel line up with NTL, although we got CNN news, E! was something that we didn’t. “Oh well”, she says … mentally ticking a list of things in her head that she dislikes about England.

Except .. at my mum’s a few days later, she’s idling flicking through the cable channels, and E! There it is E! In all it’s glory, but I wasn’t sure if it was exactly the same line up or not.


30 limitEngland – Land of the traffic bump, AND NOW! Signs that either abruptly tell you to slow down if you’re going too fast, or politely say ‘Thank You’ if you’re adhering to the speed limit.

It was the one major noticeable thing about the roads there (once I’d gotten over the excitement of actually HAVING coherent road signs telling you where you were and where to go, that is) that there were lots of these little flashing signs all over the place. I was doing 26mph in a 30 limit, and it popped up ‘Thank You! 26mph” at me. Good god.

11 responses to “Let me take you on a trip …”

  1. Paul Leonard says:

    Good post and I am the first comment, yahoo!

    2 observations:

    a)”…as I sip on my soda” – Geoff its called pop, coke, cola, rola cola, whatever you wanna call it, but please not Soda, you’re not that American … yet!

    b)“Do you get E! in England?” … I’d watch it Geoff, I could be wrong but I think you may have married a drug addict. Quickly, close your joint account and insist on sole accounts before Leigh’s drug habit gets to your money.

  2. Alan Perks says:

    Drug addict….joint account!! Very good pun, Paul!!

  3. Paul Leonard says:

    I just work in a bank so was talking shop but now that you mention it, I’m a genius! 😀

  4. Rich says:

    ‘(once I’d gotten over the excitement of actually HAVING coherent road signs telling you where you were and where to go, that is)’ – gotten!!! I think you meant got.

  5. Leigh says:

    I KNEW your Coke cans were smaller! I love that I could sense the difference in size…. thanks to all my years of drinking Diet Coke. The plastic bottles are smaller too, but that’s more obvious.

    England is still, and sadly will always be brown. Brown brick prevails there. And apparently there’s only one company that sells double glazed windows. Because every single doible glazed window looks the same. Why is that?

    As for Geoff’s driving… I actually felt safer with him driving in England than driving here. At least he knew how to drive next to the hedges that grow more or less along the windy country roads, It’s like slaloming through a green leafed tunnel.

  6. Paul says:

    “Brown brick prevails there” – sorry we don’t have pink/purple/any other girlie coloUr of brick here!

    Oh and Leigh, how’s the drug habit by the way?

  7. sam says:

    You can get E! in england? I did not know this. (runs off to check the TV)

  8. jj says:

    speed is relative.

    i drive just as fast in England as i do here.

  9. Alan Perks says:

    “I could sense the difference in size….”
    So size IS important then!

  10. Stuart says:

    New York always looks very brown to me, think it’s the type of stone they use. Don’t think England is brown, often grey, but not brown!

  11. Julia says:

    Here in Australia Coke cans are 375ml – and bottles are 600ml. we figure the Auzzies are really thirsty after all that surfing!

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