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Easy like …

EasyWell that was easy. The trip home, that is.

“So you found it easier going back to England and then returning to America this time then?” someone asked me on email this week. Eh? How did they know? Oh, my frequently updated Facebook page with my status on my profile page.

It was easier. Much easier, and I can’t think specifically why, only that maybe there was such a lot of hype about going back the first time, that that was always going to be tricky, and subsequent trips back therefore would be easier.

I note in my head though that:

• England doesn’t actually seem that far away anymore. Just a plane ride away. It’s just the expense of a ticket that really holds you back

• Nothing severely changes – not even in the space of a year. All the familar places, people sights and sounds were still there, and I think it was comforting to know that it was all still there as I remembered it and I wasn’t missing out on any dramatic change

• I didn’t plan the hell out of my trip this time. i.e. Most days we had nothing planned and just took it as it came. Much less stressful than trying to squeeze too much in.

• I brought back lots of sweets, chocolates and other treats. Almost enough to keep me going until next time.

• Maybe I’ve just been here long enough now (Charleston) to really start to like it, and not miss home so much.

Whatever the reason, I haven’t ‘dipped’ since returning and show no sigh of doing so at the moment …

3 responses to “Easy like …”

  1. Jono says:

    Just the cost of the ticket holding you back? So you don’t care about the massive environmental impact of transatlantic flights, then?

  2. Wayne says:

    I would have said the same as Jono, but I’ve just booked flights (at Xmas) to the west coast of Canada to see my gf’s
    family for the second time this year, so haven’t got a leg to stand on…

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