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Obligatory Seasonal Weather Post

Adrian MoleFor some reason, a bizarre childhood memory that sticks in my mind is being given a copy of ‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4’ for my eleventh birthday back in 1983.

The humerous way in which it was written completely went over the head of this eleven year old, an my initial impression is that it was a true diary. So one of the first things that I did was look up the entry for my birth date – August 18th, only to discovering that Sue Townsend remarks through Adrians eyes for then was that it just “Rained all day”. (Seriously, go to your bookshelf and dig out your battered copy and have a look – mine is packaged away in a box in someone’s loft in England right now, otherwise I would have scanned it in).

The point to all this is that this floated into my head at somepoint at the end of last week when it did indeed ‘Rain all day’ for a day here in Charleston on Friday.

Actually that’s a slight lie because it let up in the evening – unfortunately long enough for me to go and have to do some work by standing outside in a muddy football field for a couple of hours – but it wouldn’t have been muddy if it were not for the fact that it rained all day.

Summer has officially come to an end, Autumn lasted about five minutes in the middle of last week, and it’s now officially cold.

Being very hot for seven months in a row lures you into a false sense of security, and I’d just like to bitch officially about how chilly it was this morning. And we don’t even have any central heating to turn ON – just air conditioning to turn OFF.

This in turn leads to Halloween this week (which they take very seriously here) which in turn leads to Christmas decorations being sold in the shops from the 1st November – and suddenly, I’m starting to think ‘Where the fuck did the year go?’. Time flies.

And what’s really bugging me now is … did he ever get hitched to Pandora or not?

8 responses to “Obligatory Seasonal Weather Post”

  1. geofftech says:

    incidentally, i’m guessing that Adrian Mole never made the transatlantic crossing. so you may have no idea what i’m talking about!

  2. jj says:

    cold? just because it’s 13 degrees at 12:30?

  3. almost witty says:

    He never got hitched to Pandora. Pandora became a Blairite MP, and Adrian, well… he now works in a bookshop.

  4. Paul says:

    Did he say autumn? Does he not mean ‘fall’?

  5. Mikey says:

    House on my road has xmas decorations up already.

  6. Geoff's Mum says:

    It rained very heavily here all day in England, on Sunday, non-stop.Typical it’s bright and sunny today,
    but stuck indoors at work.
    I felt sorry for all those parents of young children trying to find things to do indoors, without resorting to the T.V and DVDs. Missed out on our ‘Autumn tree-colour walk’, never mind maybe next Sunday

  7. leigh says:

    Um… just to clarify. We do have central heating here at good old 767 Rutledge. Geoff just doesn’t kow how to work our new fangled American system, seeing that it has AC & Heat!

  8. Mikey says:

    #7 Lol, good job you’re there to look after Geoff. He’d have spent all day in Starbucks rather than go home to a freezing house.

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