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You don’t get adverts on the BBC

Unless …

You live outside of the UK. For something that was discussed as long as two and a half years ago when I was first working there, they’ve finally got around to doing it – placing adverts on the BBC news webpages for users that are outside of the UK.

It appears on the left hand side, between the between the Video and Audio and Have your Say links. It also increases the page load time by a second which is annoying, but by far the MOST annoying thing is the strange way that the page half loads – then ‘bumps’ down an inch as the advertising loads, and then moves back up again as the page completes and is written to your screen. It’s hard to describe, but it moves down and up for a second, and makes for uncomfortable viewing as it’s disorientating.

There only appears to be an advert on the News Front Page at the moment. I’m sure it will expand to the Sport main page shortly.

There’s also currently a right hand rail ‘advert’ which when you click on, takes you to a page explaining why the changes have happened and any problems that you may have with it. I love the bit that says ‘We use software that detects 99.6% of the time where you are located in the world’. Meaning that 0.04% poor buggers are somehow screwed and get the advert version of the site!

Anyway … some screen shots. As to how it looks.

And somewhere, a deep vague memory stirs in the back of my head, to about 1977 when I first remember my Dad explaining to me as we watched TV, how “The best bit about the BBC is that they don’t have adverts”.

16 responses to “You don’t get adverts on the BBC”

  1. geofftech says:

    And no, I;m not buying any Hublot watches!

  2. Chucker says:

    I understand that watches are going out of style now that “everyone” carries a cellphone that also shows what time it is.

    Along with disappearing pay phones, pagers and film cameras.

  3. Tina (G's Mum) says:

    How strange, still we know they are a bit cash-strapped these days and need every penny.
    I’m sure I remember watching T.V in a Hotel in Austria, where you get old B.B.C programmes rehashed for the European market and tourists etc. There were commercial breaks with ads. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please.

  4. Richard says:

    On the plus side, the adverts might pay Jonathan Ross’s salary for a couple of months.

    The trailers you get between every programme are effectively adverts anyway.

  5. Ross says:

    No adverts showing when viewed from NZ….

  6. jj says:

    i think it’s quite fair.

    considering that the Beeb is state subsidized, there is no reason why the British populace should support the rest of the world.

    i think it’s perfectly fair for there to be adverts for those of us outside the UK.

  7. margaret says:

    cor blimey mate, that’s rubbish for us yanks. makes it look like a bit of a tip, i hope it doesn’t make its way to the sport page soon – it’s the only one i read. matt says he doesn’t like dr. who and he’s very sorry for it.

  8. lekkermeisje says:

    hmmmm, doesn’t appear on my Firefox page from the US–but then again I have the Adblock plugin. Wonder what will happen if I switch to the IE tab?

    Yep, there’s the ad. Solution? Firefox with Adblock.

  9. (William) Andrew says:

    And you get video-ads on the BBC video-stories on the News site too. Yesterday I saw a 20-second British Airways ad before the content.
    I *am* based in the UK, but because from work we have proxies in France/Netherlands/??? we see the Internationalised version of the content.

  10. Mark says:

    nothing visible on IE or Safari from Australia. Must be just for the American visitors.

  11. Keith says:

    That screenshot is like something from a weird and twisted alternate universe.

    Do the adverts appear on both the UK and International version of the site outside Britain?

    JJ: Only the World Service is state funded by the government. The rest is either paid for by the licence fee (within the UK) or advertising (without).

  12. jj says:

    the licence fee is a tax. a use tax, but still a tax.

  13. Allan Williams says:

    At the top of the page it says it is 13:44 but the watch reads quater to nine. I don’t know which one to belive.

  14. geofftech says:

    i haven’t got a problem with adverts before the video… because it allows me to see he video in broadband content – i.e you get something more. here – you get the same page, but now looking ugly, with a delayed load time, and a weird effect that is disconcerting as it loads. Grr.

  15. geofftech says:

    and yes, the ads appear on both the UK and Interational version – the purpose of that is just to give a leaing to more UK news or Internation news. Here, read the FAQ:

    – Apart from the inclusion of advertising, will there be any difference between the website that I see and the one that is seen by UK licence fee payers?

    No. There are two versions of the website already – one gives prominence to UK news sport and weather, the other has a greater international focus and is aimed at international users. You can switch between these versions at any time. Advertising will be served on both versions when they are viewed from outside the UK.
    How will you ensure that only ex-UK users will see advertisements?

    – The BBC already uses technology that identifies whether users come from outside the UK. This technology recognises the location of the user’s computer and only serves adverts to those users who are outside the UK.

    – How reliable is the technology that does this?

    An independent report found that it was 99.96% accurate. However, if you are a UK licence fee payer viewing the website from within the UK but can see advertising, please report this to us.

    – Why won’t users in the UK see any ads?

    Users in the UK fund the BBC through the licence fee, which entitles them to view and listen to all of the BBC’s television, radio and digital services without advertising. The inclusion of advertising on the website when viewed from outside the UK will create revenues which can be used to develop better content and services for both UK and international users.

    – There are also advertisements before the video clips, is this just for international users too?

    We recently upgraded our video on demand service for our users from outside the UK and they may see a short advertisement at the start of the video clip. Our aim is to allow as many people as possible to have access to our broadband-quality content, so rather than charge users to subscribe we decided that an advertising model was the best way to fund the upgrade.

    Audiences in the UK already have access to the service in both narrowband and broadband. The service for the UK is funded by licence fee revenue and does not carry any advertising. In addition, audiences from outside the UK wishing to view the video clips without ads will still be able to access the narrowband service, which will continue to be available without advertising.

  16. digglit says:

    outside us sports newsYou don’t get adverts on the BBC

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