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I want to know …

Christmas Tree… about Christmas

Is it too early to be ‘doing’ Christmas yet, do you think? It’s still November, but Christmas is less than a month away. Leigh has already been suckered into buying a Christmas tree, and it made me go and make my ‘Xmas 2007’ playlist in ye olde iChoons. But is it too soon?

Incidentally, I’m looking for some new Christmas songs to add to my playlist this year – in particular any that are melancholy and not your usual jaunty xmas choon. Anyone got any suggestions?

… about Silly Maps

Is is time for a return of ‘Silly Maps‘ do you think? This came to mind again this week when LUL & TFL in their infinite wisdom, sacked Emma Clarke – the voice over artist that does the announcements on the tube, when she recorded some tongue-in-cheek announcements and posted them on her own personal website.

She got misquoted as saying ‘I hate the tube’, and before she knew it, it had been posted in the media (rather than being told personally) that she’d been dropped. Yet another classic case of TFL overreacting and being out of touch with the real world. Brilliant.


Anyway. Considering I know live in the USA, and my host is now in the USA, I wonder if they can still get at me if I put this page back up again. Your thoughts?

13 responses to “I want to know …”

  1. Fimb says:

    Got 190 songs in my christmas play list.. You have my list, let me know if theres any you want! I go christmas song crazy every year!

  2. Teg says:

    Fast Food Rockers – I Love Christmas (trust me, it will grow on you!)

    But for something more serious – Melanie Thornton – Wonderful Dream (you will recognise it quite quickly)

  3. Paul Leonard says:

    This is something I really should do. I setup a playlist on my iPod. Play the songs to death, get bored, delete the playlist and start all over again. I think I must be doing something wrong! Plus my playlists have un-interesting names. I am currently on “Cool songs of the moment”. Oh gawd, help me!!

  4. Mikey says:

    Ooo…can we see a copy of that xmas playlist. I don’t think I have any xmas songs. Some advice on classics would be good.

    and screw the tube!! I never use them out of principal.

  5. jj says:

    Fairytale Of New York – The Pogues

  6. Tina (G's Mum) says:

    I once worked in a ‘Boots’ store at Christmas in the 80’s in the record department (just before C.D.s came out), and we had to play that Slade Xmas song over and over and over all blinking day ’til I went nearly mad. I believe it’s still playing somewhere in thw world!

  7. Mikey says:

    Boots had a record department?

  8. DivineMrsM says:

    I remember Boots selling records. Bizarre.

  9. Fimb says:

    OK, updated christmas playlist. 230 songs now..

    Hopefully that will work.

    Oh, and when was a kid, Boots was the only shop in my home town that sold records!

  10. Anthony says:

    Back once again for the map-mash master! Full tube challenger! Failure to the signals!

    I can’t believe they’ve sacked her, but I’m not bothered. I hated her voice anyway. The condescension on the Central line and the overpronunciation of the consonants on the Victoria line really got to me. “Th s st shn sss BrXTn.” Good riddance!

    PS. Shameless plug! I have now completed the most devastating rubber band gun in the world. .

  11. geofftech says:

    Boots in Sutton used to have a record department, yes. And my mum worked there for a bit. The funniest story she told me is that no one had pointed out to her who the store detective was, and my mum tried to be all helpful “Are you looking for something in particular?” to the store detective, who merely glared back at her in a “I’m the store detective, don’t blow my cover, i’m trying to spy on that person over there”, type of way… Classic.

    i’m going to plunder your xmas playlist now Fimb! thx!!

  12. Bumble says:

    Dominick the italian christmas donkey- Lou Monte

  13. Helen says:

    Melancholy Christmas songs? Try myt favouite, good old Sarah McLachlan with “Wintersong” and “River” which are both lovely.

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