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A quick look back to two years ago.

Xmas Five

Nothing has changed in two years. I’ve been going through my Christmas playlist this morning, and they’re still my five favourite Christmas choons of all time. ‘Fairytale’ of course is back in the charts again this Christmas (for the fifth time), and is regularly chosen as people’s fave festive choon.

Over in the ‘states though – no one has ever heard of it. I know this having played it several times to different people this week and all three of them said “Did they just say Faggot? How is that to do with Christmas?”. The F word here is also right up their with the N word in terms of being offensive, and it doesn’t wash when you try and explain that back home it’s something you can eat.

It also makes me wonder. If there was an American Christmas song called ‘The Fairytale of London’ – would we have heard of it?

That’s why I’m glad that the BBC Magazine pages exists, as I can now explain to everyone here why a song about a raging alcoholic and heroin addict is so seasonal! And if you’re an American reading this right now, and you’re still wondering what all the fuss is about, do yourself an enourmous favour and indulge yourself for four minutes.

Merry Christmas.

3 responses to “Fairytale”

  1. Chris says:

    Faggot – Christmas??

    If you were listening to Radio 1 at the start of this week they had censored the word Faggot.

    They have now relented following a BBC news pole where thousands of people objected.

  2. jj says:

    i’ve heard of it…

  3. tina says:

    Great record, always makes me laugh and sing-along out loud. According to my Oxford Dictionary a faggot can also be a bundle of sticks, or an unpleasant woman. So there!

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