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Read all about it

I’ve just seen a bizarre thing on TV, bizarre in it’s timing and bizarre in its effect.

The Christmas special of ‘Extras‘ isn’t due to be shown in the UK until Thursday of next week (9pm on BB Cone), but it was shown here on HBO last week, and I just caught a repeat of it.

I would say I can’t remember a TV drama (not a film) brought a tear to my eye, except that I know that this programme did earlier this year. But this was a little unexpected – laugh out loud moments, cringing in embarrassment and an ending that you didn’t see coming that wrapped everything up nicely as well as leaving a few things hanging. And Gervais has said that he’ll definitely not do another one. Genius. I guarantee you’ll love it if you watch it.

In the meantime, I’m off to download Cat Stevens …

One response to “Read all about it”

  1. DivineMrsM says:

    Sorry – only just catching up.

    As you probably know, we don’t do MrG in our house, but I completely agree with you on Family of Blood. It was amazing. We even wrote to Mr Cornell and said so.

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