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My Christmas Dinner

My Xmas Dinner 1“So what do American eat for Christmas dinner then?” I got asked by a few home-folk yesterday.

Well .. this!

But where would be the fun in just telling you what some of the traditional American Christmas foods are, when it would be far more fun you to scrutinised these miniature JPG’s and have you try and work it out for yourself.

Any guesses? Anyone? Because I can’t actually remember what a couple of them were myself, but it was all very tasty!

My Xmas Dinner 2

9 responses to “My Christmas Dinner”

  1. L-R, 1st row : Rhubarb crumble, turkey leftover from thanksgiving, rock cakes, lasagne
    2nd row: a flower, elvers, the blood of orphans, cement.

  2. jaq says:

    1st row: Mashed potato, roast pork, stuffing balls, lasagne.
    2nd row: ham, green beans, tomato relish, more mashed potato.

    At my in-laws we had steak, pasta with mushroom sauce and spinach with garlic confit.

  3. Richard says:

    Top row – semolina, pork, onion bhajis, shepherd’s pie
    Bottom row – Ham, evil green chillis, a large helping of cranberry sauce and some hummus.

    Or perhaps not.

  4. Paul Leonard says:

    All that food and America wonders why so many adults are obese – no chance of you getting like that though Geoff so keep eating I say!

  5. David - Lightwater says:

    Yams, bread sauce, turkey, ham, grits….

  6. Betty says:

    Front row: Ham, green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy.
    Back row: Mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes.

  7. Mum says:

    Yummy, looks good whatever it was, my guesses are:
    Butternut Squash, turkey, stuffing, crunchy topped veg, ham, green beans, cranberries, some sort of white sauce. Well done to the cook/chef, was it your mum-in-law who cooked it your wife? (Or both)
    Can you please enlighten us as to what they were.

  8. SalV says:

    #4 – paul, i’m an american in virgina and find it very tiresome when the rest of the world rolls out the ‘all americans are obese’ stereotype. can’t you think of something more worthwhile to say?

  9. geofftech says:

    ok, the foods were: (Left to right, top to bottom)

    … turkey, stuffing and NOT lasagne, but butternut squash casserole!
    Ham, Green Beans, Cranberry, Mashed Potato.

    the butternut squash was the tastiest…

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