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Three things

i. I got a new iPod for Christmas.

A silver 80Gb classic. This is now my fifth iPod following a 20Gb second generation, a 20Gb third generation, a 30Gb iPod Photo, and 5th Gen 60Gb iPod Video. I wonder what will be next?

Geoff's 5th iPod

Xmas Egg
ii. The USA sells a variation of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs: Ornament Creme Eggs!

They’re exactly the same, but come in a red-foil-wrapping instead to make you feel all Christmassy.

iii. I never ever ever mention my football team on my blog. Unless it’s exceptional circumstances.

Today was most definitely an exception! I’m still trying to catch my breath. Wow.

13 responses to “Three things”

  1. Alan Perks says:

    Maybe so, but who’s sitting at the top of the league?
    Eleven places above and with almost twice as many points!
    Still, you did beat the Mighty Royals!!

  2. mark howlett says:

    Alan Perks – a london based man u fan i suppose. when was the last time you actually watched a match?

  3. Andrew says:

    Mark – think you’ll find that Arsenal are top of the heap 🙂 47 points to Sp*rs 24…

  4. joan says:

    !! I didn’t see any of those Cadbury Eggs. Where did you find them?

  5. Paul Leonard says:

    Liking the new iPod – you never told us what you bought Leigh

  6. jj says:

    why do you need 5 iPods? i’ve not found a need to replace my 1st gen 4gb nano…

    just wondering…

  7. Alan Perks says:

    Thank you #3. No thank you #2, and yesterday, actually! Shame about the evident
    lack of football knowledge there #2. Man U indeed…………yawn

  8. Paul Leonard says:

    #7 Why is the sky blue? ‘cos it is
    Why does Geoff need 3 zillion iPods? ‘cos he does

  9. Poshpen says:

    If they didn’t keep breaking then you wouldn’t have to keep getting replacements! Happy Christmas (the British way) from the UK!

  10. Mum says:

    I know nothing about football, don’t eat Creme Eggs, but I am a Granny with a (nearly) 2 year-old white, slim, beautiful, workable iPod Nano, which I love and can just about use, and am not going to change it for anyone.

  11. geofftech says:

    #6 – JJ. aren’t you that man that has about 23 Macs? Just wondering… 😉

    we’ve also scored more goals in the premier league than any one else so far this season.

  12. Alan Perks says:

    And conceded more than most too!!

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