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I can’t dance

Since I get to do this sort of stuff for my daily working life now, it seemed like an obvious step to take it to the blog. Which is why I’ve been quiet recently – preparing – but is also why there might be bit less typing going on, and lots more video instead. When you spend all day editing stuff down to a timeline in Premiere anyway it seems rude not to. Where’s the point in having access to serious video recording and editing equipment if you can’t use a little of it for yourself?

But before I get onto to some personal video blogging (vlogging?), I’ll start you all of with something that I produced here the other day for the website I work for.

Back at the BBC, it was an almost daily occurrence to walk through the reception or get into the lift with a variety of ‘celebs’ from the A through to the C list. Which is why it was nice (but also a little depressing at how excited I got about this, because it used to happen all the time, and now not anymore) when I heard that Cat Deeley was coming to town.

“Who?” I hear you say. Or at least that’s what you’re saying if you’re on the left side of the pond. or to be fair, you might find someone that says “Oh she’s that British woman that presents that dancing show, right?”.

But say it to the right side of the water, and before you know it you’re off an a conversation reminiscing about how Saturday mornings have never been the same since SM:TV, and why don’t Ant & Dec bring back ‘Wonky Donkey‘ as part of Saturday Night Takeaway, and didn’t Cat have a lesbian thing with Edith Bowman, and all the males indulge in a quick mental fantasy before going off and googling lingerie shots of her.

But I digress …

Fact of the matter is, is that “That woman that presents that dancing show” really was in town, hosting the auditions for the third run of “So you think you can dance“, which is quite popular on ye olde telly box here. And I got dispatched off with a reporter and photographer to go talk to people lining up, interview Cat and make a package about the whole thing.

So I got to get up close a personal with Miss Deeley. She’s still got that slightly skewed nose that I remembered. And just as I was trying to act all work-like I could hardly talk either when she identified me as being from the fellow motherland. “You’re English?” she says “Yes I am!” I reply, and it’s only later that the photographer who took my picture here told me that she did start to extend her hand to shake mine, but I seemed not to pick up on it – I’d like to think it’s because I’m a professional and was weighed down my some heavy camera equipment, and not just because I came all over bashful.

So here’s me casually talking about tea & cucumber sandwiches as all good British people do when they find a kindred expat in a foreign land, and me again – nicely obscured by the reporter but you can just about see the camera sticking out – as Cat is in fully answer mode.

Later, I recalled how once I bumped into Zoe Ball (literally) in the BBC club a few years back, and thinking that she didn’t look all that in person. Cat, I’m happy to report looked fabulous for her 32 years of age, and seemed to be genuinely nice.

We spoke to her, we spoke to crazy people lining up, and at the end of it all I trudge back to work, on a vague celeb-high, and put together a two and half minute video. May I introduce my colleague Tenisha who appears in it.

So here’s the video that I made for work. You’ll need to be on my proper domain blog page to see it – an RSS reader will not do. You’ll also need Flash player installed in your browser as it uses Flash video – as all good websites do these days.

In the future there’ll be lots more video coming, not stuff that I’ve made but a personal personal view of Charleston and things that I get up to. Blogging – video style. But in the meantime, you might as well see wot I did today …

12 responses to “I can’t dance”

  1. Dave says:

    Cat Deeley… I’m so jealous! She was great on SM:TV…

  2. […] Geoff can’t dance, but now he can vlog. […]

  3. Yorkie says:

    Can’t work out why; in the general blog view the flash shows, but in the individual post view it doesn’t, same in Fx and IE. I think you may have told us why before

  4. almost witty says:

    So I guess you’re not coming back then 😉 (just when I get back to BBC London!)

  5. Paul Leonard says:

    Cat Deeley – what a babe! And just to think she was born a short train drive from me …

    Can’t view the video in Safari

  6. Paul Leonard says:

    So it works now … and Cat is still a babe after watching the video

  7. Paul says:

    Geoff – with all of the mentions of “lesbian thing with Edith Bowman”, “males mental fantasy”, and “lingerie shots” you possibly need to explain what SM:TV was. The SM part in particular has other connotations that may be seen to besmirth your otherwise wholesome viewing habits.

  8. Mum says:

    Nice one Geoff, did you get her autograph? Oh and did you name-drop about how you used to work for the B.B.C!

  9. eric says:

    dude wheres the video of my fave Cat?

  10. Good vid, but you’d be even more professional if you kept the tie-pin microphone lead *inside* the presenters’ jacket (@0m40s). Practice also holding the camera straight… there’s a definite \\\\\\ bias in the verticals – especially in the Cat Deeley bit (maybe your mind was elsewhere!)

  11. Ben says:

    Nice work, Geoff. Shame you had to flee the motherland to find an organisation which appreciated you. So jealous of you meeting Cat. I’ve long held a torch, fake tan and all. Sigh…

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