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Ready for …

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Ok, so I’ve had choons which have previously scored higher in a day, but my iTunes is faithfully reporting that it’s now had 26 plays in less than a day, which is quite a lot when you apply that to any song. The Audiobullys “I’m in love”, and Depeche Mode’s “Precious” are the only two in recently blogged iTimes that I think scored higher in one day.


Because I know now that of all the things going on right now in my life – however it turns out – that hearing this record in 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years time will make me go “Oh yeah, that was the time when … “ which is just brilliant.


In 1981, when Depeche Mode released “Just can’t get enough”, NME famously reviewed it by saying ‘It makes you want to move on the dance floor with motions previously unseen’. This is having a similar effect. It’s impossible to listen to this without either (i) Tapping your foot, (ii) Bobbing your head from side to side, (iii) Shrugging your shoulders in time with its 129 beats per minutes, (iv) Playing the air-keyboard along to it on the nearest flat surface, or – obviously – a combination of any of those four things.

Last night, it made me ride home on my bike in the pouring rain, in the dark, and yet I was blissfully happy – nothing could get me down. The power of a simple song.


How did I get here? I love the bizarre way in which this works. On another blog a couple of weeks ago, someone linked to the YouTube video clip of it saying “Well that’s my favourite song of 2008 already decided then”, and it was only January. I played it twice, didn’t like the repetitive intro much, wondered why a Dennis Pennis lookalike was in the video and generally failed to see what the fuss was about and moved along.

Until yesterday, when a satellite radio station that I was listening to played it, and wasn’t really paying until halfway through, something in my brain went “You’ve heard this before somewhere. And I think you like it”. And after a second I was back on the blog page where I’d first seen it, playing the video, and then went off to legally download it. And 29 plays later …


A 3 minute and 52 second pop song like this should have been expelled from my music library years ago. And yet it’s still possible for a tune like this to come out of nowhere and for me to obsess about it. A tune which I’d previously dismissed! And although I’ve said it many times before, it has such an effect on me it’s worth emphasising how much I love that – a lot. And that’s one part of my character which I really like.

So … are you “Ready for the floor“? It’s genius.

5 responses to “Ready for …”

  1. It’s also the best track on their new album (but then, being a brilliant song, it would be wouldn’t it?)

  2. DivineMrsM says:

    Wait til you hear the new Feeling album 😉

  3. Peter W says:

    Geoff, I’ve misplaced your e-mail address, but this is Peter around the corner (another gregarious American). Anyway, took a trip to new Asian grocer on Rivers Avenue (H&L Grocery) and found Ribena. Maybe you’ve found a US source by now, but I thought you would like to know.

  4. Mum says:

    A rather catchy little number I think, has a bit of an 80’s Disco feel about it. I think one of the guys looks like Elvis Costello. ‘I just get enough’ great tune, Johnnie Walker plays all this sort old stuff on Radio 2, has me dancing round the room.

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