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7 Days

Just as it’s always intrigued me as to why shoe repairing and key cutting have always gone together (I mean .. why those two? Why not a cheesecake making shop coupled with a fish bait selling shop?), it would appear that New York’s version is to have computer & electronics stores that also sell … baggage. Why? Are they expecting you to buy so many techo whizzy gadgets that they think you’re then likely to stand there going “Oh bugger, but I’ve got nothing to carry it home in .. better get a new suitcase whilst I’m here”. It’s most bizarre.

It’s been a bizarre week. On Thursday I found myself in a bar called ‘Planet Follywood’ (Yes, that’s an F not an H as there’s a place near Charleston called Folly Beach), to watch some Hermit Crab racing. You pick a colourfully painted hermit crab which then start in the middle of a circular table, and the the winner is the one which crawls to the edge and falls off first. I kid you not. The video that I made from the night is here.

I met a woman who told me that “She liked her tattoos”, and proceed to reveal exactly where they were to me. A star on the left side of her body just above her hip. Followed by another star, and another – and another! And hang on .. a whole bloody constellation of them that ran all the way up the left side of her torso looking something like a Windows 3.1 screen saver, that ended in a small cluster on her top left shoulder. Nice.

I also recommend that if you’re going to learn how to shag dance, it’s always better to do it with someone who has their face painted as a zombie – that’s the sort of thing that you can only find out for yourself though.

Transatlantic-difference-o’the-week: “Why is your phone showing military time?”. Err .. because we call it the 24-hour clock, and it’s more the norm in our parts.

And I took a plane ride, where we hit some bad turbulence, the pilot landed in grimy dark wet weather, and 90% of the plane (i.e. all the Americans on board) all clapped and ‘whooped’ loudly when we touched down safely – I thought that kind of thing only happened in movies.

And the best bit? I have no idea where next week will go … bring it on.

20 responses to “7 Days”

  1. geofftech says:

    Oh, I also learnt that people can be outrageously nice. But why does it always take something bad to happen for them to show it? I think we should do more nice things on a regular basic, just for the hell of it.

  2. Amy in BC says:

    Agreed. And how I try to live my life. Being kind and nice it’s own reward. More people need to learn that one dammit!

    Look forward to hearing of further adventures in the big city. Somewhere I have always wanted to go to understand the enormity of it and see the sights.

  3. DivineMrsM says:

    I think you’ll find I’m always nice…..ahem…. 😉

  4. Do they celebrate St Totteringham’s day in the US?

  5. Alan Perks says:

    March 9th; that’s quite early for St. Totteringham’s day isn’t it?! Heh heh heh!

  6. Easter’s quite early this year too. That’s probably something to do with it

  7. Paul Leonard says:

    mmmm Shag dancing

  8. almost witty says:

    When I was in Hollywood, the cinema audiences would whoop and holler at the *film company* logos that popped up. You wouldn’t get that for BBC stuff over here…

  9. geofftech says:

    So I’m in New York.

    I’m quite staggered at the sheer number of Starbucks that are here. And this comes from somone who is quite fan – but I think it’s ridiculous when you can walk for 90 second and pass four of then – seriously, what the hell is all that about?

    Anyway – why not do a random good deed today people, make the world a better place? Don’t wait for a friend to tell you their bad news so that you feel like doing something nice, why not just go and do something nice RIGHT NOW to one of your friends for the hell of it…

  10. Anthony says:

    “Military time” – that reminds me of Spaced.
    “Mike, be there at twenty-two-hundred hours. Everyone else, I’ll see you at ten!”

    Aeroplanes – that reminds me of the video of the plane nearly crashing at Hamburg recently, have you seen that, Geoff?

    Amy – “enormity of it” – enormousness! I bet there’s a fair amount of enormity there too, though.

    Love from Ant and Chelle in Australia.

  11. Re: shops where things go together
    In Italy lots of the opticians’ shops (ie spectacle retailers) had a big display of telescopes in their windows. Sure, they logically go together as in “optical instruments”… but we don’t do that in the UK. What do opticians do elsewhere in the world I wonder…

  12. Amy in BC says:

    Yes, enormity in my Province as so little of it is populated compared to to NYC!

    I just find it mind blowing to even comprehend how large the city is and how many people call it home.

    Someday I will visit, hopefully with someone who lives there and can take me around. Otherwise? The city rather frightens me. Where would one start?

    Keep on adventuring Geoff and blog it!

  13. Stuart says:

    I didn’t realise that the yanks don’t do the 24 hour clock. When I was over your side of the pond in Jan I was trying to work out the times of a train, took me a while to work out what the ‘a’ and ‘p’ meant next to each time!

  14. Amy: I think Anthony is correcting your usage of the word enormity, which means (or at least, used to mean) something quite different to how everyone insists on using it.

  15. Mum says:

    ‘Shag dance’? does that mean you get a sh** at the end of it? Ho ho ho, I think not. I remember you blogging before about doing the ‘Shag’I believe it’s a S.Carolina speciality. Could we have a mini video of you doing this please? Re plane landing, I was on a flight recently and we had a ‘bouncy’ landing, bit likes those bombs in the ‘Dambusters’ film and a voice came over the intercom and announced that it was ‘Captain Kangaroo’ flying the plane. It made everyone laugh, tho I was a bit scared, as am still not overkeen on flying.

  16. Cline says:

    So yah…I have always gone by that sweet piece of advice you have given…nice things go farther when they are for no reason and unexpected. Like you know, telling someone you were going to NY for instance, lol…that would have been nice. Hope you enjoy the city to its fullest as I did when I went. Try to steal the glow in the dark sticker poster from off the wall of the subway train, I got it all the way down to one corner before I had to get off at my stop…its my one and only regret.

  17. Paul says:

    #15 ooh a video of Geoff shagging … per lease!

  18. Mikey says:

    Shame about spurs tonight…

  19. geofftech says:

    Can live with the football result…. just…

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