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Keep on …

Hello, I’ve been running 10 kilometers. Along with 30,000 other people. And of course such an opportunity means video – does it not?

Charleston has been holding the annual event of the Cooper River Bridge Run since 1978, and this year something inspired me to take part. This years race was on Saturday just gone -5th April – and that meant an early alarm call to get to the start for 8am, taking my video camera with me in my pocket, shooting stuff for work (of which you can see here), and of course made my own short video of the day, viewable below.

With special thanks to Mike, Melissa & Russell (who appear briefly!) for giving me a ride in their car and running with me.

12 responses to “Keep on …”

  1. […] First up is Geoff who carried his video camera through the race and put together this piece.  You must be at the main page to view the video, not on the specific post. […]

  2. Chucker says:

    Years ago when I was a staff photographer for a newspaper in San Diego, I was leaving for a Track and Field event and the editor asked me to get the start AND the finish of the 100 yard race.

    “Huh?” I said!

    “Take a shortcut,” he suggested.

    I see you accomplished the task. Good video.

  3. I’m tired just watching that.
    Training for next year yet?

  4. J-Ro says:

    Love the way, you ‘wooo’ like an american when you cross the finish line. Equally, disturbed by ‘pocket cam’ never a good idea

  5. mum says:

    Nice one Geoff, glad to see you getting into the American way of things, especially as we are just about to drive over the actual Bridge in a few minutes on our way to the Beach!

  6. Garion Allen says:

    Nice flashback to ‘Tube 4’ Geoff. Brings back happy memories hehe. London Marathon next is it? 😉

  7. J-Ro says:

    T5 is officially on da map….tempted?

  8. Good one, but next time start out with a 5K first!

  9. AmyinBC says:

    Way to go 🙂

  10. Garion Allen says:

    By the way, you ‘once did a crazy thing’ ??
    What about the other 8 attempts? Hehe 🙂

  11. Roland says:

    Get a Garmin mate…..

    You can GPS your runs see my stuff mate

  12. […] holding the annual event of the cooper river bridge run since 1978, and this year something inspir Cooper River Bridge Run female winner Live 5 News CharlestonCrossing the finish line with a […]

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