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Hard as a rock

There’s a new theme park in town! Although actually when I say ‘in town’, I mean ‘a two hour drive north from Charleston up to Myrtle Beach’.

Myrtle Beach is a kitschy town of South Carolina (Brits: Think Margate with a load of Chavs, and you’re kinda there), but something quite exciting and new that it’s got going for it is the new Hard Rock Park theme park which opened recently. (With apologies for the flash heavy, window re-sizing website if you go there)

Note, that it’s not an out-and-out amusement park, but a theme park (there’s a difference?). Whatever. The main thing for you to know is that there is one huge kick-ass ride : The Led Zeppelin, set to the music of ‘Whole Lotta Love’.

It’s 140 feet tall, takes you round at 65mpm and inverts you six times during the 60 second trip. The front of the trains have been designed to resemble the shape of a zeppelin airship.

Now I got to go there for work last week. That’s right – I got paid to go to a theme park for a day with my colleague David. If you want to see the full report we did, you can check it out here, but if you just want to see the crazy roller-coaster action – as I took my video camera on the ride three times in a row – then play it below … [Profanity Alert: You may hear me swearing a little … heh.]

9 responses to “Hard as a rock”

  1. Richard says:

    Just three things:

    1. Margate has a load of chavs

    2. That’ll be Led Zeppelin with two e’s

    3. F5!

  2. Ross says:

    I am soooo surprised in a place like the US they would allow you to take a “loose” item like a video camera on board a ride like that!!! Hope you had it “tied on”!

    Very cool results though 🙂

  3. julia says:

    “think about Margate, with chavs”

    you’ve obviously never been to Margate.

  4. Mum says:

    It must have been good for you to go on it three times! Just watching it made me feel a bit queasy.

  5. David - Lightwater says:

    Just one question Geoff, how the hell did you hold on to the camera?

  6. Ben says:

    That was awesome….like a hot dog

  7. Jane in Camden says:

    I can just imagine what happens when my rugby team descends on the area prior to the Annual MBA Rugby Tournament… a week’s training in Myrtle Beach is not going to be complete without a trip there! ~x~

  8. geofftech says:

    yes, i was on board holding onto the camera, VERY TIGHTLY. they let me on, no problem… it’s a small palm sized one. i had to do it three times so i could get a backwards looking shot too!

  9. Garion Allen says:

    A little swearing eh? 😉

    Define “little” 🙂

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