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Tour de Turtle ’08

You may have seen this already if you’re a facebook friend of mine, as I uploaded it there last week, but I figured there was no harm in putting it up on my blog too.

This was actually shot back in June of last year (2007), when as part of a local art exhibit, a colleague of mine (Dan), recorded me doing this – cycling round fiber-glassed turtles in Charleston.

Back then, he was on a deadline for to get the thing recorded and produced in the space of a day. Dan did a great job, but in the back of mind I always fancied doing a ‘directors cut‘ version, and doing various tweaks to it: Namely: Making it 16:9, adding music, adding maps to plot my progress and a couple of other cool little video tweaks that I’ve learned in the last year.

So it’s with no disrespect to Dans original cut, I just always fancied having a go at it myself.

3 responses to “Tour de Turtle ’08”

  1. geofftech says:

    To save anyone else the embarassment, i’ll do it for you:

    Partners In Kryme, “Turtle Power” – A No.1 hit in the UK back in July of 1990…

  2. Mum says:

    Oh those Turtles, they are so cute! I liked ‘State Symbols’ best I think, are they still there, or did they get removed?

  3. Leanne C says:

    Great video and I loved the wee glimpse of Charleston along your journey. 🙂

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