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Oh crap

The national association for birds that take laxatives to relieve constipation issues held its annual conference in a tree above where I parked my car in downtown Charleston on Friday night.

Bird Shit

I had to drive around in it – including going to a funeral on Saturday – before I got a chance to clean it. And the photo doesn’t really do it justice … it looked much worse in person, and it was splattered all down the offside of the car as well … yuk.

7 responses to “Oh crap”

  1. Ross says:

    All I can say is: Oh “c r a p”!

  2. Paul Leonard says:

    Allow me to tell a joke: What do you do if a bird c**ps on your car?Don’t take her out again!

  3. David - Lightwater says:

    That’s not a ford focus zetec is it geoff? I am having problems with mine, and apprently it happens to US ford focus’ as well.

  4. liv says:

    I worked down near Charleston a few years ago on a previous job. The darn things crapped right on my head…. nastiest thing you’ve ever seen.

  5. James UK says:

    We’ve all had it happen to us, mate… here in the UK, when our Blackberries come
    into season, it’s not unusual to think your car’s been spray painted with purple
    emulsion paint if you make the same mistake as you did above.

    Thanks though for giving me a laugh on a day I really needed one, with the way you
    wrote this up. 😉

  6. Mum says:

    That’s the trouble with living near the sea, those blooming seagulls make a noisy racket and poo on your car. Made me laugh too! You’d better start carrying wet-wipes in your glove-box.

  7. geofftech says:

    It IS a focus, but it’s not a Zetec, nope. just a bog standard bottom of the range Focus with nothing fancy. I have managed to break the latch on the boot [trunk] already though which is annoying.

    Blackberries? Oh. i thought immediately of a handheld communication device, and second to the fruits that grow on bushes. How times change…

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