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The One Where Geoff Turns …

So it’s my birthday in a few weeks time.

And to make myself feel not-so-old as I’m going to be, I thought I’d get recorded fact of people stating the thing that they always seem to say … “Oh but you only look X years old!”, where X is a usually at least a couple, but sometimes many years less than I actually am – which is nice.

So when put on the spot – and with a video camera pointed at their face – how old would people say I looked or am going to be on my birthday next month?

Answer at the end of the video …

18 responses to “The One Where Geoff Turns …”

  1. Yorkie says:

    Was it you who suggested that I was 23140?

  2. geofftech says:

    23140? what’s that? a US zip code?

  3. Geoff's Mum says:

    Perhaps tht’s Geoff’s birthdate, and he’s really 68! Seriously, I know how old he is, cos I was there. Are you going to have the eye-bag surgery, face-peel, highlighted hair, new clothes and teeth done, then go back out and ask again? They might think you are 17 then, that’s what they do on ’10 years younger’ on T.V. I would be happy, cos then I can pretend I’m 37 and not collecting my pension. Good video anyway, you make it look so easy.

  4. Paul Leonard says:

    Blimey, “10 Years Younger” here of geofftech

  5. Alan Perks says:

    Young man, my guess would be 34.

  6. geofftech says:

    I *am* getting my hair highlighted actually, yes. Mid-life crisis perhaps? I like to think so!

  7. Charlotte says:

    You are getting your hair highlighted? You really are a poof, aren’t you? I knew it! South Carolina is SO GAY! Can’t wait to see it.

  8. Yorkie says:

    My sixth form college email address used to be 23140@******** I told you you could work out about how old I was and where I was from using just that address.

  9. whapadang says:

    Hair. Highlighted.


    (mine’s being highlighted too. these white strands are more and more evident.)

  10. geofftech says:

    actually, check it out:

    Charletson/South Carolina IS apparantly ‘go gay’. so with my new hair, i’ll fit right in …

  11. Charlotte says:

    Please put up a photo of your new coif!

  12. geofftech says:

    ?? What ??

    No, no .. i haven’t had my hair coloured … yet … but soon!

    I’ll probably video the whole thing if you’re /really/ that interested …

  13. I’m looking forward to the “Can you guess what color Geoff’s hair used to be?” video compilation.

  14. Charlotte says:

    Please do a video on your hair. That would be lots of fun.

  15. Geoff's Mum says:

    This won’t be the first time Geoff has tampered with his Barnet, (Cockney for hair) dear readers, I seem to recall there was a mishap with a bottle of peroxide about 10 years ago, pity I am not allowed to post a photo! Maybe he has gone all ‘theatrical’ with his improv, it will be a silk dressing gown next you watch!

  16. Jono says:

    Oh God. I remember the last peroxide incident, as long ago as it was.

  17. Dan says:

    That’s Numberwang!

    Very impressed by (i.e. jealous of) titles in this one, btw…

  18. geofftech says:

    /numberwang/ *chuckle* — i should have included that in! dammit Dan, good call!

    all the titles are done in After Effects, i show you how but … oh … i quit! heh.

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