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I promise that I’m going to listen to that message that you left me. Soon.

Well, soonish.


(That’s 2 missed calls, 1 New Message, and 61 unplayed voicemails)

7 responses to “Voicemail”

  1. geofftech says:

    Emails.. send & read those all the time. Texts? Fastest fingers in the west… well, west Charleston anyway. But voicemails? I have a strange aversion to playing them back, and I have no idea why.

  2. G's Mum says:

    Oh, Geoff I can hardly believe you wrote that above. I feel exactly the same, embarassed at missing that vital call from someone who cares, and those painful moments whilst listening to someone gabbling and stammering for 30 seconds and making no sense. I have to delete the messages immediately, phone back and apologise. I shall never be able leave you a message again.

  3. lekkermeisje says:

    Me too! I have a free solution for you thoough. I use There is a beta program that automatically transcribes voicemails to texts. They’re not perfect, but you can usually get the idea. In addition, you can personalize greetings for different people, and listen to and delete voicemails online.

  4. ckd says:

    What if Keane left you a voicemail? Bet you’d listen to that. Of course then you’ve have to download it at 256kbwhatever, decide if it was as good as their last email, and notate how many times you listened to it in your car.

  5. Wayne says:

    can’t you just turn the voicemail off? I did that cos I kept just missing calls, and then having to pay for the privilege of listening to someone saying they’d called, when I could already tell that from the missed calls list. And if it was important enough, they’d call again or find some other way to get hold of me. Not that I’m in heavy demand, though. Would have taken me a couple of years to get 61 voicemail messages…

  6. hmmm, on my phone, I have ZERO unheard messages. And actually ZERO messages period. Especially from one party who never calls Mr. G. Marshall. 🙂

    Maybe use Spinvox or one of those providers that turns voice into text?

    G’Mum.. you have the same dry sense of humor I remember when meeting you!

    Ckd. LOL! Too true!

  7. geofftech says:

    When I said “I’m going to call you”, you seemed to think that that meant ‘immediataly’ – or, within the next few days. No! I meant “At some point, in the future, in the next few months .. I’m going to call you!”. 🙂

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