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It’s very hard to describe how moments like this make me feel.

Proper Spurs post to follow. when I’ve climbed down from the ceiling. It’s long overdue.

8 responses to “Happiness”

  1. Only a spurs fan could be happy with having 6 points instead of 5 after 10 games.

  2. geofftech says:

    oh do be quiet ian. honestly.

  3. Happiness is a draw?
    Your standards are slipping…

  4. Moley says:

    and we (Pompey) bloody lost – give us back our manager!

  5. fourstar says:

    I (a Gunner) just watched the match with a close (Spurs supporting) friend and we both agreed that it was almost certainly the best match we had witnessed live since the 5-4 result four years ago.

    That said, you are still terribly deluded – is a draw really ‘long overdue’?

    Enjoy your point. And the Championship*

    * realistically, I don’t think you will be relegated (just) but I am contractually obliged to say that 🙂

  6. geofftech says:

    I didn’t mean the draw was “long overdue…”

    I meant a blog post on something that almost controls my life (but I very rarely talk about on my blog), was overdue.

    Ooh! look at that! (above). A new post. Gosh.

  7. Samantha says:

    Don’t expect the euphoria to last long.
    I may only have a passing interest in footy, being a sensible rugby girl, but your boys are playing my boys today,.
    I predict a bumpy return to reality for you.
    Heh etc 😉

  8. Viplette says:

    I drove through Finsbury Park before the game and the Arsenal fans were kicking a ball over (in) the bloody road and basically making a nuisance of themselves (as usual!). On the way back, you should have seen the long pissed off faces.

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