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My Thanksgiving

So busy was I putting up personal stuff last week, you may be forgiven for thinking that I overlooked Thanksgiving which was last Thursday here in the ‘states.

Well – I didn’t.

Instead, I did (of course) make another video …

7 responses to “My Thanksgiving”

  1. Chris says:

    I just thought I’d be the first comment, since you posted this while I was writing a comment on the last entry…



  2. geofftech says:

    I was still FTP’ing the video up too… and my connection dropped at 92%. So I’m re-doing it now. F5 to refresh the page and reload the whole video!!

  3. CKD says:

    Now that I’ve made the last two, I challenge you to mention me in every video going forward. Well, at least until the end of 2008, since that’s how all our “arrangements” work. There is a film this Thursday through the Be/Buy Local Initiative of two people doing a similar “only mom and pops” adventure, I wanted to see it, but alas trivia needs to be won. And lastly, I love mac and cheese — especially gourmet versions of it. Mmm mmm good!!

  4. Every year, you always slip those red cups in somewhere…

  5. G's Mum says:

    That Mac Cheese in a tub looked awful, you come and see me and I’ll make you a proper Mac Cheese, with egg and mustard and cream. mmmm

  6. TAMI says:

    Glad to see you didnt spend it alone. My thanksgiving consisted of breaded pork chops instead of a turkey!

  7. Other Chris says:

    Actually Starbucks is part-owned by McDonalds so I dunno if it counts as “the other”. Not sure where I was going with this. Fun video. Might have to get into this video-blogging lark myself. 🙂

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