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This isn’t the law enforcement vehicle I’m looking for …

I wouldn’t normally post a video that I made for my work website on my blog, but this one was so much fun, that I couldn’t resist – oh, and I’m actually in it which doesn’t happen often either, so all the more reason to post it.

Charleston City Police have recently introduced T3 Motion vehicles to their patrol – and I caught up with the officer in charge of them.


4 responses to “This isn’t the law enforcement vehicle I’m looking for …”

  1. tami says:

    I think it is appropriate for me to comment first since I am in the police sector. I would
    love to get one for down here.

  2. Paul says:

    Guess what I want for Christmas?!

  3. G's Mum says:

    ‘Bobbies on bicycles two by two’! Would they work on hills? We have a lot of steep roads in Surrey. Looked fun tho.

  4. amyinbc says:

    Very cool Geoff! Had never heard of them before.

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