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LidderHello, my name is Geoff. It is now 2009. And I have some resolutions:

• I am going to have a bedder year than I did with the last one.
• I am going do be more healthy and cut out budder from my diet.
• I am going to drink more wader, from a boddle.
• I am going to take more phodos.
• I will learn new skills on my compuder.
• I shall expect to be treaded bedder by certain people.
• I shall pick up lidder that I see dropped on the ground.
• I shall stop wasting my money playing the loddery.
• I shall clear up the cludder that is in my closet.
• And obviously I will make more tea than ever using my new electric keddle.

But most of all … I am going to really try to get my Bridish accent back, as all my T’s seems to have turned to D’s – most worrying.

15 responses to “Resoludions”

  1. Dan says:

    Jusd ton’d ged indo so much tamnet drouble dis dime!

  2. I’m trying to work out whether “I am going to have a bedder year” is a spelling mistake or not.

  3. jhota says:

    at first, i thought you had a cold.

  4. tami says:

    Wow- reading that gave me a headache!

  5. ian (the benign dictator) says:


  6. amyinbc says:

    So you are ‘home’ in the US again?
    I agree, cling to your accent!

  7. Adam says:

    My girlfriend, an American, implores that I keep my British accent otherwise she’ll be “very mad”

  8. ckd says:

    Maybe you should reconsider the lottery one — Though now the chances of anyone ELSE winning in this city are considerably lower.

  9. G's Mum says:

    Blimey Geoff, I know your spelling’s a bit dodgy, but I thought I was seeing things. The penny finally dropped after a few reads. I agree with D.G. about the Bedder, are you going to ‘bed’ lots of people then?

  10. Chris R says:

    What sort of a resolution is “I expect to be treated better by certain people”!? That’s like having a resolution to “make the wife start doing the dishes”.

    I aimed low this year. My only new year’s resolution is to stop emailing people on Facebook and start using normal email instead.

  11. samantha says:

    Actually, I think “I expect to be treated better by certain people” is a perfectly good resolution.
    It suggests acknowledgement of a need to stop letting himself be treated badly – which is actually quite a difficult thing to do. It’s tough to sit up one day and tell someone you won’t take being treated badly / walked all over / expect some simple common decency any more.

  12. I noticed on your review of the year that your accent has got to about 3.5 on a scale of 0=British 10=US.
    I’m not sure about giving up butter though. Butter is far more ‘natural’ than margarine, and tastes a whole lot better too.

  13. Edward says:

    A few thoughts on accents.

    1. Everyone has an accent.
    2. The Americans around me don’t hear how my accent has changed to something closer to theirs, but _I_ do. (I haven’t been ‘home’ since I came over here 19 months ago, so haven’t had a chance for Britons to comment on my accent).
    3. I saw an ad on TV recently featuring Jane Seymour. I believe she now resides most of the time in the US, and yet she seems to speak with a well-coached RP. It sounded fake to me anyway. Or maybe my ears have changed. This leads me to believe that any attempt to deliberately keep my accent will result in me sounding fake too.
    4. I think it’s quite natural for your pronunciation to change in a way which helps the people around you understand you.

    I fully expect to end up sounding like one of those weird people.

  14. Isn’t this a repost of an older story?

  15. Amandeep says:

    I have some sort of completely mottled accent that arose out of 4 years in RI. Somehow, it sounds vaguely Canadian. But to be fair, when I was 7, I had a New Jersey accent, when I talk to my mother, I adopt Indian speaking cadences and constructions, and in the south, my speech gets slower and my vowels longer and more diphthonged.

    Accents just trace where we’ve been, whether we want to have been there or not, I think.

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