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Podcast ROTY 2008

Someone suggested to me over Christmas when I was back in England that I should/could serve up my Review of the Year through my podcast feed, which I haven’t used for ages.

When I checked, I realised that when I upgraded WordPress a while back it broke all my catagories, I no longer have the original feed, so I’ve had to create a brand new one.

So here is the whole of my Review of the Year 2008 in podcast form, a sizable MP3 file I admit, but it’ll keep one person I know happy at any rate.

You can subscribe to the feed again here, or cut & paste that into iTunes or whatever you use, and who knows? I might start podcasting again …

2 responses to “Podcast ROTY 2008”

  1. Paul says:

    I want March 2002!

  2. Miles says:

    Hurrah – that was quick. Actually I thought it’d be 12 files – 1 for each month, but I’m happy either way. Looking forward to subscribing when I get home tonight.

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