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How to give birth in Walmart

So it was this week last year, that I took my first ever improv class – all part of twelve insane unforgettable months of my life that will be extremely hard to beat.

One of the main things that they try and teach you (aside from “Agree with your scene partner”, and “Never ask questions”) is just to ‘go with it’ when you have a gut feeling about something that you want to make a move on.

Like in real life, you’ll sometimes get put on the spot when you’re asked a question and you have an initial answer pop into your head, but then almost immediately you over think it, doubt yourself, and wonder if that first right answer was right or not – when often, in so many cases it is.

Well in improv, it’s the same. I have lost count (seriously) of the amount of times that I have not had the guts to go through with a move that I thought of, and I always beat myself up about it afterwards, and think “Shit, why didn’t I just DO IT?”, because whilst it’s easy to sit on the side (or in the audience, even) and think “It would be funny if …”, to actually get up and do it is a completely different thing.

Well, last night, I just DID IT. Chet is on stage with Laurie, she’s about to give birth, and well … play the video for a funny moment that makes me think I might have just fucked the fear and cracked it.

I hadn’t even finished thinking through the sentence “I know, what i’ll do is …” before I could feel my legs getting ahead of me and running up on stage to just get on with it. It was wonderful. And although I know it’s just one tiny little move, in a big big game, it made me sooo happy.

And happy, is a good place to be. More please.

5 responses to “How to give birth in Walmart”

  1. Leanne says:

    Brilliant, now you can really say you’ve been “reborn”.

  2. Peter from Adelaide, Australia says:

    A top move Geoff. Very funny.

  3. mum in zealand says:

    Oh dear, that brought back some painful memories, funny though, thanks Geoff.

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