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A bunch of Ediots!

Ediots!“So … why don’t you come home, Geoff?”. is a question that seems to get asked of me a lot by people back home.

Well ….

… because when I can have this amount of fun, in this amazing city, with this bunch of beautiful people, it makes it fucking hard to imagine leaving one day.

Yes … it’s improv show time again, and our oddly named group E is for Ediots! have got ourselves a show on Saturday week (7th March). And I decided that we needed to make a video of ourselves all fooling around to sort of, ermm … generally promote ourselves. By which I mean stick it on facebook, YouTube, and here – my blog. And besides, give me a fun idea for a video and it’s very hard to stop me making it.

So because we’re called “E!”, it inspired a Sesame Street them (Brought to you by the letter … etc .. ) and from that I dug up this remixed version of the classic TV show, and put the following together. And yes I’m in it, and yes, at one point I’m showing my arse again. I just can’t help myself.

7 responses to “A bunch of Ediots!”

  1. geofftech says:

    Musical Geek note:

    The Sesame Street theme, remix by “Smart E’s” and called “Sesame’s Treet”, a No.2 hit in the UK in July of 1992… A pun on ‘Smarties’, and apparantly some sort of drug reference too… 🙂

    Anyone else remember Urban Hype, and A Trip To Trumpton, which was released at the same time? But my lovely American friends have never heard of Trumpton… tsk…

  2. Johnny Alpha says:

    Aye, everything went a bit ravey that year.

    From a nice little 70’s Public Information film to psycho Prodigy

  3. geofftech says:

    Couldn’t stand the Prodigy when it first came out … and now i think it’s awesome! (in a retro kind of way)

    Remember the Mark Cohen bastardisation too? it sounds great now – again – couldn’t stand it at the time.

  4. Johnny Alpha says:

    Never heard the Mark Cohen rave one, and I thought I’d actually bought most of that old tat from the time! I’ve got CD singles of A Trip To Trumpton, Charley Says, One In Ten by 808 State … and many more golden greats! 🙂

    Not at all rave related, but you might enjoy The Trumpton Riots by Half Man-Half Biscuit:

    “Tell Pc McGary to get himself a mate
    And arm themselves with CS gas,
    they’re going to be out late.
    We’ve had canned conformism since 1966
    And now subversion’s in the air in the shape of flying bricks”

    (How do you linkify words by the way? My posts are lacking in elegance!)

  5. Samantha says:

    Gawd, I *hated* Charlie Says when it came out, but a couple of years on and I absolutely loved it. Still can’t stand the Mark Cohen reworking though, nor the Cher cover of it. Ugh.

  6. geofftech says:

    Cher covered walking in Memphis? I had no idea.

    Then again I’m rather embarrassed to admit that in the deepest darkest corners of my iTunes yesterday, i found the A1 cover version of “Take on me”, which 1) i had forgotten about, and 2) didn’t know I had.

    i deleted it.

  7. G's Mum says:

    Hmm, Ediots is a bit like ‘eejits’ anyone who has any Irish connections will know what that means! Anyway looks like you are having a lot of fun dancing around like ‘eejits’ Wasn’t there a record out in the 90’s called “E’s are good’ (Ebeneezer Goode) by The Shamen? I think it was a drug reference. Once again a top notch video.

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