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So this it what makes me happy, and keeps me in Charleston.

My group got on stage on Saturday night for our second ever show in front of a proper audience and did that funny improv thing. So whilst this post is mainly for my mum who wanted to just see me, this still makes me laugh … some of our highlights.

And yes, that’s me in yellow – with matching coloured shoes!

2 responses to “Highlights”

  1. geofftech says:

    I know I shouldn’t HAVE to explain it, because you should be able to watch is, but the sound isn’t the best…

    – in the first scene, someone’s mobile phone goes off in the audience, and andre (in blue) reacts the fastest and incorporates it into the scene, so i then have to! genius

    – i’ve always wanted to roll and fall off the stage. being a hunted animal shot by a crossbow was the perfect opportunity…!

  2. G's Mum says:

    You know I’m your biggest fan, you didn’t let me down. Yes it’s good that you explain some of the words too, as the sound is a bit difficult for me. You blend nicely into the painted set btw!

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