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Too. Much. Fun.

Popstars : Hear'SaySome backstory:

I was 29 years old back in 2001, when two friends of mine back in the UK – Richard & Nikki got married. They were part of a big gang of friends that we all used to hang out with and have fun, and they were in a succession of a whole string of people within that group that got married.

And it seemed that at every wedding, something fun, wacky or just a bit silly would happen, pre-prepared to surprise people with, have fun, or make the reception just that little bit more memorable. And when they got married, I decided it was about time I would do something.

2001 was the year in England when the first ever show that would kick of the whole “… Idol” series came onto TV. It was called ‘Popstars‘, and from this in England came the show ‘Popstars : The Rivals‘, ‘The X-Factor‘, ‘Pop Idol‘, which then made the transatlantic transition to the USA in the form of ‘American Idol‘.

So … for some reason, which is a little bit cloudy in my mind now, me and four other friends of Richard & Nik got together one Sunday afternoon a week before their wedding, and pain-stakingly learned the dance routine from the band Hear’Say, with their song ‘Pure and Simple‘. Hear’Say were the band that had previously just won the week before the ‘Popstars’ show.

So a week later, after they’d got married, during the dancing at their wedding reception – we tipped off the DJ, gave him a nod at the appropriate moment, and the rest of the dance floor clear as we (just about) made our way through the ‘Pure and Simple’ song and dance routine.

It got video’d … I dug it out a while back and even uploaded it to facebook for a bit (before removing it because the quality was shit), and it was at that moment that I remembered some of the critque that we’d got for doing it.

Yes that’s right – critique. Because a few days later, I found out that behind my back there had been a few whispers from people who thought we’d looked stupid, or for someone of ‘my age’ (29), that I was already too old to be mimicing a teen-band from a popstar show on TV.

And I didn’t get it. Because it was fun. We enjoyed ourselves, and surely life it too short to worry about shit like that.

Well this week and tonight I was reminded just how right I was, and how I’d like to say “fuck you” to the people that were derisory towards me back in 2001. It’s 2009, I’m now 36, and if anything – rather than growing up – and stop doing things like that, I just want to do it more. Because I’ve found a place, with a whole bunch of like minded people, who don’t see it embarassing. They see it as creative fun, something to be enjoyed, something that can be celebrated and remembered, and make you feel good. And it’s making me feel very good.

Standing up for myselfSo some background on tonights event:

One my of my dearest friends here in Charleston – and indeed at the theatre now – is Kathleen, and she had a show on tonight. A one-woman stand up comedy show, which lasted about an hour and a half. She got two other guys (Chris and John) to help her on stage for some sketches, and she also had me and another friend of ours – Andy to do the technical stuff for – the lights, sounds and multimedia.

And so as a way of ending the show, she came up with the idea that is always the best way to end a show – you do a dance! But not just any old dance, oh no … the ‘Jai Ho!‘ dance which they perform Bollywood style at the end of Slumdog Millionaire. (What do you mean you haven’t seen it yet? Go see it!)

And of course to do it properly, she needed some other people on stage with her, which is why she roped us all in.

So here’s a video clip of me having too much fun tonight – because that’s a phrase that’s been banding round in my head for about the last month now : Too. Much. Fun.

Seriously, I feel as if any day now, someone is going to bust into my house and say “Geoff Marshall? Yes you have to go home to England now, you’re clearly enjoying yourself too much here, so it’s time to go home”, and I don’t want to.

We practised/learned this at her house last Sunday. And again a few times during the week. And I loved it. I love it. She didn’t have to include us in it – or even me – but she knew I would get a kick out of it, albeit just for 90 seconds, and we did. And it was awesome.

And there was a point last week when we were practising it, when suddenly I felt like I was amongst a bunch of people who didn’t think it was silly. Who wouldn’t be critical about it. Who were all equally enthusiatic about it as I was, and understood it, and ‘got’ it, and that felt just … wonderful, and I love you all for it, dearly.

It looks as if it’s taken me to the 37th year of my life to discover a little place where I fit, and mix with a whole bunch of people who are just too much fun to be with. The bugger is I had to travel 4,000 away from my home country to do it. Which is really fucking with the ‘So when do I go home?’ question again, because clearly, I’m having too much fun …

7 responses to “Too. Much. Fun.”

  1. Geoff's Mum says:

    Go with the flow Geoff, life is too short, ignore those kill joys, just enjoy your life, as it’s the only one you have. (I think).I saw the film, and it was relevant to me (especially as my job has just been outsourced,) and I really enjoyed the dancing. England is a bit cr** at the moment, so don’t rush back, I need an excuse to come to the USA for a holiday anyway.:)

  2. CKD says:

    That girl has the nose of a supermodel! 🙂 Glad you could join me up there on stage for the big finale.

  3. le kate of le yay says:

    that looks like so much fun – it’s still great to hear you’re having such a brilliant time! 😀

  4. Slumdog Broke says:

    Hey Geoff…..dnt worry about what people say…they will always find something to weigh you down….just dance to your own beat…even if that means “having too much fun”!!! 🙂

    Loved the dance routine… Bye

  5. CKD says:

    This still makes me happy watching it for the 1,354th time…

  6. Rich says:

    Hey, you remember us 🙂 It does seem like a long time ago, but also doesn’t seem to have taken that long to get here … hope you know what I mean. Kids will be 15 before I know it….


  7. CKD says:

    Still cheers me up whenever I watch it. Again.

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