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Stats 1

Hello blog, yes I know it’s been a while – sorry – but I’ve been planning something rather, umm … major. But more on that in a few days time …

So in the meantime, let’s have a whole string of posts with some quick & dirty stats fun instead! And today’s guest : Facebook!

My beloved ex, once reckoned that “I probably had more female friends on facebook than male”, and ever since then I’ve been meaning for ages to sit down and tediously go through everyone and making notes/stats on them. And today I’ve done it.

Facebook CullI actually had a facebook (can we all agree that we HATE the new twitter-style facebook homepage … we can? Yes! Good) cull the other day and chopped out 10 people that I didn’t really know. And that left me with:

Total number of friends: 282

Number of females: 132 (46.80%)
Number of males: 149 (52.83%)
Number of non-gender friends: 1 (0.35%)

Number of people from UK: 97 (33.39%)
Number of people from USA: 182 (64.53%)
Other countries: 3 (1.06%)

Number of people known through the BBC [Old work place in England] : 26 (9.15%)
NUmber of people known through the Post & Courier [Old work place in Charleston] : 37 (13.02%)

So there. I think it’s clear to see that I’m just about balanced between the sexes with the guys actually coming out on top.

Unless, of course you specifically compare the number of USA females to USA males… oh, dammit!

4 responses to “Stats 1”

  1. almost witty says:

    That’s probably because you’ve been in America more recently. Oh, and that cute British accent sure helps.

    btw, I like the new Facebook!

  2. G's Mum says:

    Are old people allowed to join Facebook? Would Geoff allow me to be his ‘friend’ I wonder.

  3. geofftech says:

    Yes mum, you’re allowed to join facebook – but it’s not without its issues. I can’t guarantee I’d make you my friend! 🙂

    JJ, i’m friends with Charleston Waterkeeper. Non-gender. I also used to be friends with the BBC’s Pudsey bear … non-gender! And i’m friends with theDigitel – non gender, also – surely?

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