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Stats 2

So today I’ve done the same on my mobile/cell phone.

Gone through all the people I have in my address book, and tallied up whether they’re male/female and a UK or USA based person. Short, sweet, and simple … it comes out like this:

Total number of people in my address book: 97

Number of females: 55 (56.70%)
Number of males: 42 (43.29%)

Number of people from UK: 22 (22.68%)
Number of people from USA: 75(77.31%)

Number of USA females: 46(47.42%)

So yes, almost half the people in my phone address book are women that I’ve met here in Charleston …

3 responses to “Stats 2”

  1. G's Mum says:

    What are these ‘issues’ on Facebook then? Are their things on there you wouldn’t want me to see? Someone explain please. I have friends who have their own page, but I have not got one myself.

  2. CKD says:

    Again, I say, “annoying”. (G, not G’s Mum) You should friend your mom on Facebook Geoff, it would up the quality of your female content.

  3. Slumdog Whatever says:

    Hey Geoff!

    If collecting/sorting all your contacts and friends takes soooo long that you disappear for days……then plzz dont bother….I would rather read your routine(i.e.more frequent) posts than painstakingly compiled stats 🙂 Hope to hear from you soon.

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