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Stats 3

So the new Pet Shop Boys album came out last week, and all twelve tracks duly got imported into my music collection.

Actually, it’s not been released here in the USA at all officially yet – it’s not available on USA iTunes, and the physical CD release isn’t due until the end of April. But with my UK iTunes account which I still have, I was able to download it a few days before the physical release of it in the UK, and add several more tracks to my iTunes music collection.

Which prompted me to have a count, and then go back and see how much music I’d been buying, borrowing, stealing & downloading since the music world (for Windows users) became iOrganised back in 2004.

So I’ve been through my iTunes and counted up the total number of tracks that I’ve had at the end of each month since I first installed iTunes back in Jult 2004 – almost five years ago.

For some reason, October 2005 was the time of my life when I added most songs to my collection, but I am – on average – adding 287 new tracks to my collection every year.

Which means even it I live to the ripe old ages of 80 years old, i’ll only ever get up to 20,000 songs – and the current largest capacity iPod can already hold 30,000. Hmm.

When’s the new 64Gb iPod Touch coming out?

Number of Songs

7 responses to “Stats 3”

  1. BevMor says:

    But if you look at that and say you’ve added roughly 4,500 songs to iTunes in 4.5 years, that’s more like 1,000 songs a year. So that puts you at closer to 50,000 songs by the time you’re 80. Much better number, yes? Hooray for fuzzy math; it’s what makes the world go ’round.

  2. ian (the benign dictator) says:

    At your current burn rate, I doubt your current ipod will last until you’re 40, let alone 80!

    I calculated that I’d need a 180Gb music player to contain all my music, at which point I decided not to bother.

  3. geofftech says:

    but i haven’t added 4,500 in 4 years. i’ve added 2,500 songs in 4.5 years.. because i STARTED with 1,900 tunes when i first installed iTunes, and that was all my music on CD, plus some I sampled in from vinyl!

    can you say that you’ve REALLY listened to all that 180Gb worth of music Ian? oh, and –nice to hear from you again! you ARE still alive. sweet.

  4. jhota says:

    i find it disturbing that i’ve got twice as many tracks in my library as you do.

  5. CKD says:

    Remember though, Geoff only keeps the songs he truly likes, not entire albums.

  6. geofftech says:

    this is true.. very true.. i always deleted the duff tracks that i don’t like or know i will never play. i could add on another 1,000 – maybe 2,000 tracks that i’ve got on CD somewhere, but i’ve never added to my iPod.

  7. ian (the benign dictator) says:

    No, I can’t say I’ve properly listened to it all. But that would be partly the issue that an ipod type device could potentially solve – by presenting me with random stuff that I already own.

    Yes, it is nice to still be alive!

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