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What Car? (Episode 2)

You’re still following along? Marvellous. So you’ll want to be knowing what kind of car I’m travelling around in then. Which is why you need to watch this weeks installment …

So I’m taking Beverlys car. Beverly, who is my landlady / housemate, and former colleague.

This was never actually the original plan. The original plan was to (after repairing) sell my nice fairly new Ford Focus, get a decent price for it, and with the proceeds spend about half of it on a van type vehicle (such as a Honda Odyssey) and the other half of the money from the sale would then go on expenses for the trip (It’s going to cost about $1600 at current gas prices to do 13,500 miles).

I did actually email a couple of companies see if they wanted to sponsor me to do it in some more eco-friendly green vehicle, but I never got a reply. I’m still open to offers though …

But yes – a few weeks back – Bev was given me a ride to the garage where I was picking up my newly repaired car, and I was lamenting the effort that I would now have to go through : selling it, rent another car whilst I looked for the vehicle that I wanted to travel round in, buy that and insure and register that – it seemed like a big chore. But yet we’re sitting in Bev’s Jeep Cherokee at the tume, and she just turns to me and says “Well why don’t you just take my car … we’ll swap!”, and thus a new plan was formed.

If you do wanna try and guess/work out any of the 48 places that I’m going to, there’s now a discussion thread running on the facebook group. There is also a nice big clue (albeit fleetingly) of the route in this weeks video.

14 responses to “What Car? (Episode 2)”

  1. jhota says:

    i particularly like the discussion of how many times you have wrecked your car with the person nice enough to loan you theirs.

  2. tami says:

    I agree wutg jhota! I’d hate to have to pay your car insurance!

  3. TinaMum says:

    Beverly, you are a star! I dread to think what state your car will be in when Geoff brings it back, as the previous poster put it, would you lend you car to this man?

  4. TinaMum says:

    P.S. As I said before, I am willing to sponsor you
    $1 for each hundred miles you complete, you keep us all amused with your mad ideas, so it’s worth it. Anybody else interested?

  5. Chris says:

    Richmond, Michigan?

  6. geofftech says:

    but… why? why would you give me money? it’s not about that. it’s not about that, at all. it’s not even if there’s a charity angle involved (which would be a good idea to get some cash). can’t see where you’re coming from with the cash angle, sorry mum.

    Michigan is NOT Richmond, Chris. nope! 🙂

  7. TinaMum says:

    Oops, just thought it might help the fuel costs, oh well don’t worry about it then. Just send me a copy of the film when it’s released. 🙂

  8. Sam says:

    I am still really jealous and wish I had done something like this. I am going to have to admit to pausing the video at the map of Colorado and getting my map out to figure out your route through there. I never made it south of Denver so I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like. Are you going to the point where the four states meet and you can stand in 4 states at one time? (There is a place name for this and I have forgotten it!)

  9. geofftech says:

    Four Corners! Where Utah/Colorado/Arizona and New Mexico meet! Actually, I would have to go quite a way out of my way to this from my route, but part of me really wants to do it, because it’s such a cool place to go to.

    Also, nearby-sih is the a motel that is like a drive in movie theatre. you can lie in bed in your room and watch a movie through a window on a big screen outside that everyone else can watch from the comfort of their motel room. i just *want* to stay their!

    anyway sam, i will be passing right through Colorado Sprins on I25, the tube-named-place is somewhere very very close by… but that won’t be until August though. you’ll have to keep watching to find out where …

  10. Paul says:

    A motel?! Surely you mean hotel – with a “h”?

  11. Jenny says:

    You Brits have a lot to learn about America. Let’s hope Geoff does it justice. Thank god he’s at least using some American spellings now. As the adage goes…”When in Rome”. Not that Geoff should conform to US standards, it’s just that he’s lived here long enough to start appreciating it and he has finally stopped bashing it.

  12. Riddler says:

    so you haven’t found Geoff’s other-secret-blog where he’s still ranting on about your incorrect spellings and pronunciations? 🙂

  13. Sam says:

    Monument, Colorado?
    I would drive hours out of my way to see a drive in movie, and one you can see from the motel room, why didn’t I know about this when I lived there?!

  14. Gerard says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Geoff, don’t get me wrong here bit it’s all about the glasses – you look so much like your Mum! (Hi Tina!).

    I’ve never noticed it before, or even thought about a resemblance (or lack of) but it’s there, in that video, interview on the veranda. I think it’s the glasses, not noticed you wearing them before but for some reason the resemblance was shouting out at me. Not trying to say that you look like a lady of course.

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