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Reality Check

I shouldn’t actually be writing this.

The plan (for there is always a plan) was for me to post a few ‘build up’ videos prior to leaving, make a minimum fuss about heading off, and then .. just head off. This blog is meant to be video-centric, and a web-video-view into my world, and written-only blog posts (like this one) I wasn’t going to write. But of course, life dictates that things never work out quite how you think they’re going to.

For about the past week, whenever I’ve been around town in Charleston, people keep asking me the same question: “So when do you head off?”, and I keep hitting back with the same reply: “June 12th”. And it’s a short, simple conversation … except it isn’t, because then the conversation goes on. People like telling me where they’ve travelled to in the USA, about some cool diner or motel that they recommend, or how if they want they can put me in touch with their friend/cousin/ex-lover that lives in XYZ town, and they could possibly put me up for the night. People couldn’t be nicer when it comes to stuff like that, which I love – and it just makes it seem real.

My facebook group (here) for the trip is growing. I have almost as many people signed up to that that I have friends on facebook itself. I find that weird – and flattering – all at the same time. People who I have no idea who they are, are signing up. A few are leaving me messages saying “Hey Geoff, you don’t know me, but I follow your blog and love what you’re doing”. I fucking love that, and again makes me realise how real this is starting to become.

Sitting in the hallway outside my bedroom right home now is the tent, sleeping bag and cooker than I bought last week (as seen in the video), and everytime I walk past it, I think “Woah!” and another increment on the realism ladder kicks in.

I get a random out-of-the-blue email from a woman in England yesterday who just stumbled across my blog, and ‘loved’ the roadtrip idea. she herself is moving to LA this summer, would I like to meet up in August when I get there and swap advice on what it’s like being a Brit in the USA? Yes I would, I replied back to her – and that too made it seemed a little more real.

And I get an email this morning, from a guy called Chris in New York. He and his friend are the current world record holders for doing the New York Subway, and he wants to know if I’m passing through NYC on my travels .. would we like to meet up? Hell, yes I would! How beautifully serendipitous is that? It actually gave me goose pimples [hives] up my arms when I considered a US/UK meet up between corresponding subway challengers whilst I’m on a trip that wouldn’t be happening if it I hadn’t of been involved in the crazy world of tube-challenging in the first place! You can’t get more brilliant than that, can you? I’ve just replied to him. Realism.

Finally, my mum is coming out to see me next week for a few days. That’s been planned for ages – that she sees me just before I head off into the wilderness – but that’s the scary part. My mum coming out in my mind is very much the ‘start’ of this all happening really, and now she’s just a couple of days away from being here, it suddenly all makes it seem very very real.

It’s starting to sink in that I’m quite lucky in what I’m about to embark on this summer, and I’m quite clearly going to get to see more of America that the majority of Americans do in their entire life — that’s quite humbling, and I know I am in a priviledged position to be able to do this, and I respect that. But it also makes my heart beat with exquisite exhileration (the exhileration that made me walk directly to my computer just now sit here and type this blog post out) and gets me in a whirlwind of excitment and feeling somewhat emotional about it – and I really want to put that into words for you all, but I feel like I fail.

Maybe I should have just video’d myself saying all this instead?

12 responses to “Reality Check”

  1. Kirk says:

    If you’re still thinking about making it into a film at the end, I think you should film this.

  2. k-y says:

    even though you may think this isn’t succinct and feels lifeless, words sometimes reach further than videos can. Sometimes the beauty is in what’s not there, rather than what is…

    best of luck! 🙂

  3. Kirk says:

    k-y: Oh, I’m not saying Geoff shouldn’t have written the words, just that he may have to video to if he wants to make a film in the end. It’s one of those cases where if you might do something with the footage later, you have to record it now so you can edit it the right way.

  4. tami says:

    Lovely put! It will be nice to say I new you when! LOL. On a serious note Can’t wait for the trip to begin as all of us are on a “armchair adventure”!!

  5. Paul says:

    Reading? I’d almost forgot how to read .. I agree with Kirk, put this on a video!

  6. geofftech says:

    This is very worrying. In one of my videos below, I joke about the possibilty of “going to a starbucks in every state”. Well it’s already been done, there’s this guy here:

    who is on a mission (for the last 8 years) to go to EVERY startbucks IN.THE.WORLD. He’s currently done 98% of the ones in the USA.


  7. Raineth says:

    In a nutshell:
    You see, this is truly going to be an incredible adventure. Are you SURE you’re going to be out & about for only 8 weeks? *grins broadly* Please say “Hullo” to your Mum from us (the fanbase of strangers, anyway!).

    The deluge of will continue… and you are going to have so much FUN.

  8. Kiwiant says:

    Vids are great but not that easy to look at whilst having lunch at work. A combo of vids and text would be great.

  9. geofftech says:

    Hello Raineth, this is Geoff’s mum on his computer. Hi to you too, whoever you are. Yes I am here now in Geoff’s house, learning all about his amazing trip. I just popped over from England (like you do).It took me 19 hours this time, due to delays, and that is just about the same time it took Geoff to do the whole Underground Challenge a few years ago. I am looking forward to logging in everyday and seeing what he is up to. It will certainly be more interesting than watching endless reality shows on British T.V. which I am sick of. At least there will not be that dreadful moment every week when someone is evicted!

  10. U2bale says:

    I love what you are doing Geoff and yes am part of your fanbase (strangers). Have been an avid follower of your blog and now this trip sounds FANTASTIC. I had hoped to do something like this before I left the US but I never did so now I will travel vicariously! Enjoy!

  11. amy says:

    I think this is such a great idea and you such a charming young man that you should shop around for a channel and become the latest reality show. I really do.

    So film all you can, you never know where the footage might lead you!

    All the best,
    Amy in BC

  12. Amandeep says:

    I, too, have people in all of the cities you are going to in the next few days, though no doubt you already have everything settled.

    I hope you’ve brought Neverwhere with you for Underground set reading on your Underground trip.

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