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8. Reality

I am in Greensboro, NC. And this – I’m afraid to say – is a very very real video.

This was recorded by Katie on my crappy backup second camcorder video camera this morning, and hence the poor quality, apologies. Note: There is some strong language.

They took my main kick-arse video editing PC. My Sony HVR-A1U DV video camera. My Nikon D200 stills camera. About $6000 of technology, taken, stolen, gone, kaput. And without it, I don’t know if I can carry on.

They also got the TomTom GPS, my iPod (and with my PC gone, all my music that I’ve built up over the last five years, and if you know me you’ll know how much that hurts), and Katie’s iPod & work cell phone. Gone gone gone.

I did bring my laptop in, so I’ve got that, and my cell phone, and my crappy camcorder video camera. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading and seeing this right now.

Yes I should have brought it all in over night. I know. Don’t tell me that. I know.

The road trip was meant to be the answer to the “So what now?” question with regards to my life, and now it’s fucked, totally fucked.

I don’t think I deserved this. Maybe you think different. Maybe I should just give up and go home. I don’t know, I just don’t know.

What do I do?

104 responses to “8. Reality”

  1. Kwadwo Mensah says:


    I am really sorry to hear about what happened.I have donated and hope it helps you get to the end of your trip.
    Hang in there as you are tough lad from Saff Ldn.

    Keep the stiff upper lip going and use the good memories so far to finish this trip.


  2. Steve Berry says:

    I dumped 25 bux, hope it helps!

  3. Jeff Thigpen says:

    Hi Geoff! I’m Guilford County Register of Deeds and live in Greensboro. We really do have a nice town and sorry some non-resident in our great city took your equipment. 🙂 Someone stole a camera lens of mine in London once. I understand. No grudges. Dropped $20 for your cause.

  4. Helen Brew says:

    Hey Geoff. In France right now doing my own pilgrimage so cannot hear sound on video but can see how upset you look! Back in the states in a week so I will send money then, but keep going! You can do this; you have dealt with worse and you are a strong and determined person. All the best and I will do whatever I can to help as soon as I get back.

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